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How to make LinkedIn company page private?

Wondering how to make your LinkedIn company page private? This article will help you to get to know whether you can make your company page private or not. If not, you can find out other options left to make your LinkedIn company page hidden.

Can I make my LinkedIn company page private?

If you want to make your LinkedIn company page private by hiding content, reducing the visibility of future updates etc. , then it is not possible.

LinkedIn doesn’t provide the options to make your company page hidden or private.

However, you can deactivate your LinkedIn company page.

Can I deactivate LinkedIn company page?

Yes, you can deactivate your company page.

Deactivating the company page will remove the page entirely from LinkedIn. Once deactivated, you and other admins will no longer have access to the Page.

You can deactivate your company page only if you are the super admin of the Page. In addition to it, you can deactivate your company page only if the page satisfies the following criteria.

  • The Page has fewer than 100 affiliated employees.
  • The Page doesn’t have any active Showcase Pages.
  • The Page doesn’t have a Career Page.
  • The Page doesn’t have affiliated Pages.
  • The Page doesn’t have active ad campaigns.

Once deactivated, your company page URL will not be able to be repurposed for a new Page.

If you want to deactivate a company page with more than 100 affiliated employees, you need to contact LinkedIn.

How to deactivate LinkedIn company page?

To deactivate LinkedIn company page, you need to access LinkedIn through desktop or laptop. It is not possible through mobile.

Follow the below steps to deactivate the LinkedIn company page through desktop/laptop.

Visit LinkedIn website

Click on Me

linkedin company page private

Click on Company

Click on Admin Tools.

linkedin company page hidden

Select Deactivate Page

A pop-up will come up. Click the checkbox to confirm the implications of deactivating the Page.

deactivate linkedin company page

Click Deactivate.

You’ll see a confirmation window that your Page has been successfully deactivated. If the Page can’t be deactivated, you’ll receive an error message.

What happens after deactivating your company LinkedIn page?

If you want to use LinkedIn company page after deactivating it, you can contact LinkedIn to get it back. Otherwise, your company name and email domain will not be available for future usage.

Your company page URL can be reused for another page after six months if another page admin requests it.

The logo and name of a deactivated Page will still remain on members’ profiles. LinkedIn would not deactivate pages of the acquired company.

Wrapping Up

Hope you get an idea about deactivating company LinkedIn page. Kindly let us know if you have any queries.

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