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25 LinkedIn Ads Best Practices Tips From Experts (2023)

25 LinkedIn Ads Best Practices Tips From Experts (2023)

Wondering what are the best practices for Linkedin Ads? Yes, you are at the right place to learn about it.

We have gone through hundreds of Reddit threads to find out the best practices for LinkedIn Ads.

So, here are the LinkedIn Ad best practices tips from people who have spent millions of dollars on LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Ads Best Practices

1. Audience Message and Offer

You should focus on three factors to make your LinkedIn ads campaign successful: audience, message, and offer.

Audience: Research your buyer persona’s profiles (skills, groups they are a part of, etc..). Also, keep it tight, 20,000 to 80,000 audience members are a good size.

When you target lower-size audiences, LinkedIn tends to get really expensive (more than it already is) and quite inefficient, so rather than targeting specific companies, you target companies by industry, size or category.

Then narrow down your audience a bit. Depending on what kind of product or service you are advertising, you may have to narrow it down by job function (you might want to avoid showing your ads to interns for example), or by the department.

Message: Make sure your copy is short and to the point. For the design, make sure has bright colors and contrasts against LinkedIn’s blues, grays, and whites color palette.

Offer: Getting leads straight to a demo is usually difficult and the cost per lead is expensive.

No one wants to hop on the phone with your sales rep before they’ve ever heard about your company.

Offer content that is truly valuable instead: an actionable guide, webinar. Those are the types of things that do well here.

2. If you have a list of companies you’re targeting that is less than 100, instead of uploading a csv, manually target each company within Linkedin’s native company targeting for better accuracy.

3. Always add Exclusion Audiences: Exclude employees current customers, competitors, and countries you want to avoid targeting.

4. Have strict pause rules: If a certain ad had no results after a certain period of time, it would pause and we would allocate that budget to a better performing ad.

Costs are rising everywhere, so if you’re not paying attention and distributing the budget towards the best performers, you’ll see costs go up across the board and have nothing to show for your spending.

5. LinkedIn Ad retargeting strategy: A LinkedIn ad retargeting strategy that works great is to retarget users with text ads. It’s super cheap and can be very effective. If you just bid to the minimum floor and optimize for clicks, you’ll get exactly what you expect – clicks for the minimum floor.

6. If you are targeting a cold audience, you should offer anything that will educate or be useful to your target audience (cheat sheets, reports, checklist, ebook). Unlike search ads, nobody is searching for something on LinkedIn so you won’t get results if you ask for a demo or buy something.

7. If you are retargeting an audience that already interacted with your brand ( website visitors, viewers of a video..) you should opt for something deeper in the funnel like a webinar or a case study because they already know your brand/services.

LinkedIn Ads Specification best practices

1. Regarding the banner and copy. use creatives with contrasting colors (orange, green, blue). You need to stop the scroll of the user within a few seconds. Finally, Short and direct ad copy performs better than long copy.

2. Separate countries with similar CPC in different campaigns

3. Location option set as a permanent location

4. Use job title/function targeting at the start

5. Disable audience expansion

6. Enable audience network

7. Use Lead gen form rather than landing page: A native LinkedIn lead gen form can get you almost all the information you would ask for on your landing page so much faster.

8. Start with manual CPC bid then switch to auto, but monitor closely after

9. Have a big enough budget to get at least 10 clicks per day

10. Shortest duration – 3-4 weeks, prefer always on

11. Creatives: square images or videos with words

12. At least 3-4 ad variation

Tips to enhance your LinkedIn Ads RoI

1. Better performance on a ‘Download’ CTA for ebooks/guides/whitepapers than a ‘Learn more’ CTA as far as better CTR and CPL.

2. For anything where you usually would have a ‘Sign up’ CTA, such as webinars, events, even demo requests, put a ‘Learn more’ CTA.

3. ‘Sign up’ CTA would be our highest cost and lowest CTR experiment.

4. Along with having lead gen forms over landing pages, anything that seems quicker, easier, and less of a commitment will get you better results by reducing overall friction.

5. The minimum daily budget for LinkedIn Ads is $10. So, if you want to create at least two different campaign formats ( carousel and conversation) you’ll spend a minimum of $600 on a whole month ( $20 x 30 days).

Wrapping Up

Hope you get an idea about the best practices of LinkedIn Ads. Kindly let us know if you have any queries.

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