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How to Fix Lethal Company Bigger Lobby Not Working

This guide will walk you through the most effective troubleshooting methods to fix the Bigger Lobby mod in Lethal Company.

Why Is Lethal Company Bigger Lobby Not Working

Several factors can cause the  Lethal Company Bigger Lobby Not Working.

1. Incomplete installations. Some players may have missing files or incorrectly installed the mod.

2. Outdated versions. The mod might be incompatible with the current Lethal Company game version.

3. Missing dependencies. Some mods require additional files to function properly.

4. Mod conflicts. Other mods installed may be interfering with the Bigger Lobby mod.

How to Fix Lethal Company Bigger Lobby Not Working

Here are the top solutions to get your lethal company Bigger Lobby mod up and running again.

1. Ensure Everyone Has the Mod Installed. Ensure all players have the mod installed for seamless multiplayer experiences.

  • Download the Bigger Lobby mod from the official source.
  • Open the Lethal Company mods folder and extract the mod files.
  • Verify the mod files are present and not corrupted.

2. Check Mod Dependencies and Installations. Some mods require additional dependencies to function properly.

  • Identify the required dependencies for the Bigger Lobby mod.
  • Download and install each dependency into the game’s directory as instructed.
  • Double-check that all files are installed correctly.

3. Use a Mod Manager. Mod managers simplify mod installation and management. Download and install Thunderstore mod manager to handle your mods.

Open the mod manager > Search for the Bigger Lobby mod > Install the mod.

4. Ensure Mod Compatibility with the Game Version. Mods can often become outdated when a game updates.

  • Check the current version of Lethal Company.
  • Compare it to the supported version of the Bigger Lobby mod.
  • Update the game or the mod to ensure compatibility.

5. Join the Bigger Lobby Mod Discord. Connect with the community and developers for real-time assistance.

  • Obtain the Discord invite from the mod’s page or forums.
  • Join the Discord server.
  • Seek help from the community in relevant channels.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall the Mod. A fresh install can sometimes fix problems.

  • Delete the Bigger Lobby mod files from the game’s mod folder.
  • Redownload the mod from the official source.
  • Reinstall the mod following the provided instructions carefully.

7. Contact Lethal Company Support Visit the Lethal Company support website or contact them through their preferred channels.

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