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What Is Lava Hand In Fortnite

In this guide, you’ll discover the mysteries behind Fortnite’s Lava Hand, unlocking Pandora’s Box for thrilling adventures.

What Is Lava Hand In Fortnite?

The lava hand in Fortnite is a colossal titan hand emerging from cracks in the ground, signalling a mysterious force.

It heralds chaos and mini-events that shake the Fortnite world’s foundation. Players eagerly await its arrival, intrigued by its mysteries. Its appearance is both awe-inspiring and foreboding.

Additionally, it holds a large mystery box chained within. The chain has massive initial hit points of 500 trillion, decreasing to 50 million for the first 4 chains.

Unlocking each chain takes time, revealing the mystery inside.

When Will Lava Hand Appear In Fortnite?

The lava hand in Fortnite is set to arrive on March 2nd, 2024, as per leaks. It emerges during a sequence of earthquakes and map cracks.

Initially, the island quakes hourly, with a significant crack forming every three hours until the lava hand appears on the 46th hour.

As it ascends, a chained chest is revealed, offering players a chance to witness and tackle upcoming challenges together.

What Is Inside Lava Hand Box In Fortnite?

Inside the lava hand in Fortnite rests Pandora’s Box, a mysterious artefact. Opening the box triggers chaotic events like thunderstorms, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

Players must collaborate to break the chains and access Pandora’s Box. Rumours suggest the box holds significant consequences for Fortnite.

Some players have witnessed a pillar of tornado fire upon opening the box. Occurrences may be limited to select players or due to game changes.

The lava hand adds thrilling gameplay and rewards to Fortnite. Players unite to unlock the Box and tackle epic challenges together.

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