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Last Epoch Rune Prison

In this guide, you’ll learn the secrets of Experimental Crafting in Last Epoch’s Rune Prison, a pivotal aspect of endgame exploration.

Last Epoch Rune Prison

Last Epoch offers competitive gameplay even after finishing the main story, introducing endgame levels known as echoes where two enemies spawn per echo.

To combat predictability, developers introduced the Rune Prison, a special structure found in echoes and the main campaign. Resembling altars bound by chains, Rune Prisons initially pose no threat but release hostile Exiled Mages upon destruction.

Exiled Mage And Rune Prison

Rune Prisons contain powerful Exiled Mages, who are hostile toward players. Players can destroy the prison by clicking on the hovering structure.

Upon destruction, the Exiled Mage immediately attacks players or nearby creatures. Exiled Mage levels match player levels, reaching a maximum of level 70.

Each Exiled Mage spawns with random elemental magic and four abilities, posing a formidable challenge to players.

Last Epoch Rune Prison Rewards

Defeating tough Exiled Mages yields enticing rewards. Players must fully deplete their HP to access unique rewards, including Experimental Items with exclusive affixes.

These items are uncraftable and can only be obtained from Exiled Mage drops. Furthermore, Experimental Affixes from these drops enable players to craft Legendary Items, amplifying their power in the game.

How To Use Experimental Crafting?

Upon defeating higher-level Exiled Mages, players receive Runes of Research, but only one drop per Exiled Mage. Use this item to seal an Experimental Affix on an Experimental item.

There’s a chance to unlock Glyph of Insight by using a rune on an Experimental Affix. Glyphs of Insight upgrade a normal affix to an Experimental one.

The resulting Experimental Affix is consistent for identical items, fostering item-farming. Experiment to discover which affixes you can upgrade.

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