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Last Epoch Reflect On The Past Or Future

In this guide, you’ll explore the complex world of Last Epoch’s Monolith of Fate, where you can engage in past or future storylines.

Reflect On The Past Or Future In The Last Epoch

In Last Epoch, time travel is a central aspect, with players exploring diverse timelines. To access these storylines, players unlock and engage with the Monolith of Fate, an end-game feature offering 10 unique timelines.

Decisions within these timelines can reshape reality or spawn new ones. Each timeline boasts distinct missions, bosses, and rewards, crucial for clearing all 10 Monoliths.

Monolith Of Fate Mechanics In Last Epoch

In Last Epoch’s Monolith of Fate, players traverse diverse timelines, altering the story’s course. Each of the ten timelines presents unique what-if scenarios.

Moreover, players can adjust level characteristics such as difficulty, rewards, and Stability. Completing Echoes grants Stability and unlocks additional Quest Echoes, featuring unique story missions and boss fights.

Defeating a timeline rewards players with Blessings, granting permanent character buffs. Furthermore, clearing the level 90 timeline unlocks access to higher-level timelines with rarer rewards.

Navigate The Monolith To Reflect On Past Or Future

Navigating the Monolith, a complex network of timelines can be perplexing for players. Here are essential tips to uncover its secrets.

  • Access the Monolith from The End of Time, the game’s Time Zone, post defeating the Ruined Emperor’s Corpse in the Ruined Era.
  • Utilize the Echo Web, a map feature comprising interconnected Echoes.
  • Echoes grant Stability and unlock Quest Echoes, crucial for progression.
  • Strategically select Echoes based on modifiers and rewards.
  • Progress through Echoes sequentially; all 10 are not unlocked simultaneously.
  • Defeat each Echo’s timeline boss to clear it and receive blessings.

All Timelines In The Monolith In the Last Epoch

Here’s a condensed and simplified list of timelines in the Monolith, along with their respective bosses, loot, and rewards.

NameBossBoss LootRewards
Fall of the OutcastsAbominationWoven Flesh (Lvl 51 Body Armor)Flight of the First (Lvl 58 Rogue-exclusive Bow)
Strands of Souls (Lvl 82 Belt)Flayer’s Pride (Lvl 65 Shield)
The Stolen LanceGod Hunter ArgentusWings of Argentus (Lvl 82 Body Armor)Throne of Ambition (Lvl 1 Adorned Idol)
The Black SunRahyeh, the Black SunEternal Eclipse (Lvl 72 Two-Handed Sword)Calamity (Lvl 7 Helmet)
Dark Shroud of Cinders (Lvl 66 Body Armor)Bastion of Honour (Lvl 50 Shield)
Blood, Frost, and DeathFormosus the UndyingEulogy of Blood (Lvl 83 One-Handed Axe)Titan Heart (Lvl 41 Body Armor)
Ending the StormLagonStormcarved Testament (Lvl 78 Relic)Eye of Storms (Lvl 85 Amulet)
Salt the Wound (Lvl 62 Gloves)
Fall of the EmpireHarton’s HuskAnchor of Oblivion (Lvl 80 Relic)Jungle Queen’s Chaps of Holding (Lvl 14 Belt)
Bulwark of the Last Abyss (Lvl 80 Shield)Chains of Uleros (Lvl 32 Belt)
Reign of DragonsEmperor of CorpsesTwisted Heart of Uhkeiros (Lvl 80 Relic)Eye of Reen (Lvl 70 One-Handed Sword)
Gladiator’s Oath (Lvl 31 One-Handed Sword)Death’s Embrace (Lvl 75 Two-Handed Axe)
The Last RuinElder GasparRavenous Void (Lvl 91 Gloves)Valdyr’s Chalice (Lvl 64 Relic)
Sacrificial Embrace (Lvl 81 Gloves)Soulfire (Lvl 34 Relic)
The Age of WinterHeorotReign of Winter (Lvl 70 Rogue-exclusive Bow)Devotion (Lvl 71 Amulet)
Yulia’s Path (Lvl 79 Boots)Bleeding Heart (Lvl 4 Amulet)
Sunwreath (Lvl 21 Ring)
Spirits of FireImmortal ShamansLogi’s Hunger (Lvl 82 Amulet)Lessons of the Metropolis (Lvl 1 Boots)
Trinity of Flames (Lvl 1 Adorned idol)Fiery Dragon Shoes (Lvl 67 Boots)

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