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How to Know If You’re on Hinge Standouts

In this guide on “how to know if you’re on Hinge standouts”, you’ll get to go through the signs that land you on the list of Hinge standouts.

How to Know If You’re on Hinge Standouts

Here are a few ways that can help you know if you’re on Hinge standouts.

1. You receive an influx of Roses. When using Hinge Standouts, roses become your currency of interest. Unlike conventional likes on other apps, roses on Hinge signify a higher level of interest.

If you notice a surge in the number of roses you receive, it’s a strong indicator that you’ve made it to the Hinge Standouts list. This list exposes you to more users, increasing your chances of receiving likes and roses.

2. You’re a very good-looking person. Beauty is subjective, but on Hinge Standouts, attractiveness plays a significant role. If you’re considered a very good-looking individual by yourself and those around you, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll find yourself on the Hinge Standouts list.

Hinge values quality, and being visually appealing can be a ticket to this exclusive list.

3. People always send you a Rose instead of a like. On Hinge Standouts, receiving roses is an honor, reserved exclusively for Standouts list members. If you start getting roses instead of the usual likes, chances are you’ve been granted entry into the exclusive Standouts club.

So, shift your focus from likes to counting those roses as a clear sign that you’re now part of Hinge Standouts.

4. You’ve matched with someone, and they’ve told you they found you in standouts. Direct confirmation can be the most straightforward way to know you’re on the Hinge Standouts list. If someone you’ve matched with mentions they found you in Standouts, consider it a solid confirmation.

Since there’s no direct way for you to check this yourself, rely on others’ observations to know you’ve made it to the Standouts list.

How to Get on Hinge Standouts

Now that you know the signs of being on Hinge Standouts, here’s how you can increase your chances of getting there if you’re not on the list yet.

1. Make sure you’re conventionally attractive. While attractiveness isn’t everything, it’s a key factor for Hinge Standouts. Ensure your profile pictures are of high quality with good lighting, showcasing your best features. This significantly increases your chances of being perceived as conventionally attractive.

2. Intriguing questions and answers. Beyond looks, Hinge Standouts appreciates users with intriguing answers to profile questions. Take the time to personalize your responses, letting your personality shine through. This adds depth to your profile, making it more appealing to Standouts.

3. Clear pictures with good lighting. Continuing from the conventionally attractive theme, clear pictures with good lighting are crucial. Ensure your photos highlight your best angles and sides. Full-body shots and close-ups can contribute to an attractive and well-rounded profile.

Are Hinge Standouts Mutual?

Unfortunately, Hinge Standouts aren’t mutual. The list refreshes daily, so even if you spot someone on your Standouts, it doesn’t guarantee they see you. Factors like profile interests and question responses determine Standouts, making it a curated and dynamic list.

Are Hinge Standouts Active?

The activity of users on the Hinge Standouts list remains uncertain. There’s no direct way to confirm if someone is actively using the app from their Standouts status. Be cautious about assumptions and enjoy the process without expectations.

Hinge Standouts Disappeared?

If your Hinge Standouts list suddenly vanishes, try these troubleshooting methods:

1. Wait for the feature to come back. Simply close the app and exit chats. Swipe up to clear recent screens. Reopen the app and check if Standouts is available.

2. Check if the Hinge app’s down. The Hinge service could be experiencing a server outage or other technical issues.

3. Check for Hinge app updates. Check for and install any Hinge app updates on your Android device or app updates on your iPhone. If your Hinge app is ever out of date, it can lead to connection errors and other issues that may lead to Hinge not working on your mobile device.

4. Use a VPN. If your Hinge Standouts feature has disappeared, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) might help resolve the issue.

 Steps to activate a VPN on your phone.

  • Close the Hinge app on your phone.
  • Swipe up to fully close the app.
  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • In Settings, go to General and select VPN.
  • You’ll see a list of available VPN networks.
  • Choose a VPN you recognize and connect.
  • Reopen Hinge and check if the Standouts feature is now available.

Using a VPN can secure your data and change your virtual location, potentially resolving issues related to Hinge’s availability in your current location.

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