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How to Kill 15 Devastators in Helldivers 2

Devastators are hulking robots, packing heavy armor and firepower. They come in three variants:

Regular: Think Berserker on steroids, wielding nasty melee attacks.

Shield: This one hides behind a protective shield, forcing you to flank or exploit its weak points.

Rocket: Armed with shoulder-mounted launchers, these Devastators can rain down destruction.

How to Find 15 Devastators

The daily mission asks for 15 Devastators. Look for them in the Severin Sector on the galaxy map’s right side, particularly on Malevelon Creek.

Alternatively, check Bot Drop events or head west on the map.

How to Kill 15 Devastators

Aim for the Head: Their exposed head is the critical weak point. Snipers, Railguns, and Autocannons excel here.

Pierce the Armor: Regular bullets bounce off. Opt for armor-piercing weapons like the JAR-5 Dominator or grenades.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Focus fire, utilize cover, and coordinate attacks. Shields are invaluable for blocking their blows.

Grenade Spam: Don’t underestimate grenades! They deal massive damage, especially against shielded Devastators.

Bonus Tips

Air Support: Call in airstrikes for devastating area-of-effect damage.

Precision is Key: Landing headshots is crucial for quicker kills.

Stay Mobile: Don’t get caught in their attacks. Keep moving and use cover effectively.

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