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Khuzdul Forge In Return To Moria

In Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, forges play a crucial role, with landmarks like the Great Forge and the enigmatic Khuzdul Forge.

These forges, known for unique puzzles, often unveil crafting recipes.

This comprehensive guide will engage you in the mysterious Khuzdul Forge’s significance in the LOTR Return to Moria community.

Khuzdul Forge In Return To Moria

The Khuzdul Forge is shrouded in mystery among the LOTR Return to Moria community.

Discussions online, questioning its nature—some connect it to igniting The Great Belegost Forge, while others argue it’s merely a craftable, not a landmark.

Notably, the Khazdul Forge boasts diverse items, including the formidable Khazad Axe, substantiated by evidence.

Note: Confirming Khuzdul Forge’s existence might require unlocking The Great Belegost Forge first. Stay tuned for further updates within the community.

Great Belegost Forge In Return To Moria

Unlocking the Great Belegost Forge involves fixing a drain pipe surrounded by a telltale purple gas.

Once fixed, the poison dissipates, revealing the path to the forge.

Locate and fix the missing crank, gear, and pipe parts to reignite the cold furnace.

Face enemies upon completion, so be prepared for a confrontation.

Note: Use the wooden platform strategically to access the broken pipe and complete the restoration.

Great Forge Of Narvi In Return To Moria

Discover the Great Forge of Narvi in The Elven Quarter.

Find missing parts—crank, gear, and pipe—scattered inside the forge.

The replacement crank lies near the stairs, the missing gear is in the furthest area, and the pipe rests in the entrance hall.

Solve the puzzle by placing these parts correctly, lighting up the furnace and unlocking new crafting recipes.

Note: Craft wooden platforms from scraps to navigate the platforming challenge while placing the missing pipe piece.

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