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If You ‘X’ Someone on Facebook Dating, Can They Still Like You?

In this guide, we’ll explore what happens when you ‘X’ someone on Facebook Dating and whether they can still like your profile.

If You ‘X’ Someone on Facebook Dating, Can They Still Like You?

Short answer. Yes, if you X someone, they can like your profile. While Facebook won’t show their profile to you again, your profile might still appear to them, allowing them to express interest. Facebook Dating works like Tinder, letting users navigate profiles by swiping left or right. Clicking X or a heart button signifies interest, with an option for a second look at missed matches.

What Happens When You Click ‘X’ on Facebook Dating

Clicking X means you’re not interested; they won’t appear on your feed. Facebook Dating competes with Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. It uses your social network for matchmaking, offering unique insights into new people. The app leverages data from your account for personalized recommendations. Users can express interest with a heart or decline with an X.

How to Know If Someone Unmatched You on Facebook Dating

If someone unmatches you, the conversation moves to deactivated conversations. Rejection is part of the dating app experience, and unmatched conversations go to a separate section. Remember, not everyone swipes right, and it’s okay; keep exploring other possibilities.


Can You Rematch With Someone You Unmatched on Facebook Dating?

No, unmatching is irreversible. If accidental, both parties are removed from each other’s match list.

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