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If You Hide Someone on Hinge Will They Know?

In this guide, you’ll get the straightforward answers to “If you hide someone on Hinge, will they know?”.

If You Hide Someone on Hinge, Will They Know?

Fortunately, tapping Hide on the Hinge app won’t notify the other person, offering users discreet privacy. There’s currently no notification for hidden chats, and this privacy feature is unlikely to change soon.

The Hide feature on Hinge is a privacy setting. It’s designed for organizing chats without notifying the other person. Future changes to this feature are not expected.

Hide chats to organize and focus on active conversations. Conceal messages when a conversation is on pause. Avoid notifying the other person when revisiting past matches.

If You Hide a Chat on Hinge, Can You Find It Again?

Yes, you can easily retrieve hidden chat messages on the Hinge app. To do so:

  • Go to your chats via the speech bubble icon on the Hinge navigation bar.
  • Scroll down and select the hidden section to reveal all the chats you’ve hidden.

Life can be unpredictable; if you end up chatting with a previous match, you can easily retrieve the hidden chat and continue the conversation.

Hidden chats may have Your Turn notifications, a polite reminder to respond and prevent accidental ghosting on Hinge.

If Someone Hides You on Hinge, Will You Know?

If someone hides you on Hinge, you won’t receive any notification. Hinge doesn’t alert you when someone hides a chat, and there’s no definite way to find out.

While you can still view the hidden chat without interruptions, you won’t be certain if they’ve hidden the conversation. This privacy feature is unlikely to change soon, as dating apps prioritize user privacy and security.

The Hide feature conceals the chat only from your list, but you can still access it in the Hinge app at any time.

If You Hide on Hinge, Can They See the Conversation?

If you hide a chat on Hinge, the other person can still see it. The Hide feature only hides the conversation on your end, not theirs. They won’t be notified, and it’s their choice whether to hide the chat or not.

Hinge won’t send notifications or prevent them from viewing the hidden chat. The Hide option is mainly for user privacy and organization, concealing the chat on your side but not theirs. So, while you can revisit the conversation, it stays hidden only on your end.

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