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How to Play The Legend of Zelda on Your Mac?


  • You can play Legend of Zelda games on a Mac using an emulator called Ryujinx.
  • Ryujinx is a powerful emulator that can play a wide variety of Nintendo Switch games.

Mac users can now play Legend of Zelda without the need for a Nintendo Switch console. Ryujinx, a powerful Nintendo Switch emulator, makes this possible.

This guide will walk you through the steps to set up Ryujinx and play Legend of Zelda on your Mac.

Requirements for Playing Legend of Zelda on a Mac

To embark on your Legend of Zelda adventure on your Mac, you’ll need the following:

  • Mac: macOS 10.13 or later
  • Emulator: Ryujinx
  • ROM files: Legend of Zelda ROM files

Warning: Using game emulators is legal, but downloading and installing ROMs for games you don’t own is illegal.

  • Controller: Ryujinx works with any Bluetooth controller, eliminating the need for an official Nintendo controller.

How to Play Legend of Zelda on Mac

Once you’ve met the above criteria, follow these steps to install the Ryujinx on your Mac.

1. Download Ryujinx on Your Mac. Visit the Ryujinx website and click the “Download” button under macOS.

Once the compressed file finishes downloading, double-click it to extract the contents. Drag the Ryujinx app into your Applications folder.

2. Setting Up Prod.Keys. To decrypt your Legend of Zelda ROM files, you’ll need to set up the prod.keys file.

Visit the Prod Keys website and download the latest version. Open Ryujinx, go to File > Open Ryujinx Folder > System folder. Paste the prod.keys file into the designated directory.

3. Install Ryujinx Firmware. Download the latest firmware from the Prod Keys website.

In Ryujinx, navigate to Tools > Install Firmware > Install a firmware from XCI or Zip. Select the firmware file you just downloaded.

4. Set Up Your Controller. Connect your controller to your Mac.

Open Ryujinx and go to Options > Settings. In the “Input” tab, make sure your controller is selected under the “Input Device” option.

5. Add Legend of Zelda to Ryujinx. Now that Ryujinx is configured, you can bring Legend of Zelda to life on your Mac.

Navigate to File > Load Application From File. Select your Legend of Zelda ROM file. Double-click on the ROM file, and watch as the game comes to life.

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