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How to Know If Someone Unmatched or Deleted Their Hinge Account

Discovering if someone deleted their Hinge account is vital in your online dating journey. In this guide, we will learn the signs: vanished matches, lost conversations, and absence while swiping.

How to Know if Someone Unmatched or Deleted Their Hinge Account

If you’ve noticed that a promising match on Hinge suddenly disappears, you might be wondering if they deleted their account. Here’s how to figure it out:

1. The Match Disappears. Whether they deleted their profile or unmatched you, the outcome is the same – you can’t view their profile or chat with them. Hinge won’t explicitly notify you, so you need to rely on your observations.

2. Your Conversation With Them Disappears. Losing the ability to talk to someone on Hinge can be disheartening, but if their conversation vanishes, it likely means they unmatched or deleted their profile.

3. You Never See Them When Swiping on the App. If their profile doesn’t show up while swiping, it suggests they might have deleted their Hinge account.

Note: Hinge’s algorithm occasionally resurfaces profiles, but if they reappear, it means they created a new account.

4. Ask Them. Direct communication is key. If you exchanged information, politely inquire about the situation. Be considerate; their reasons for deleting their profile could be personal.

5. If You See Their Profile Again, They Deleted Their Account. Former matches won’t reappear if they unmatched you intentionally. Spotting their profile again indicates a new account, confirming the deletion.

If Someone Deleted their Hinge Account, Do They Unmatch You?

Yes, technically, if someone deletes their Hinge account, you are “unmatched.” Hinge doesn’t distinguish between an unmatch and an account deletion – both result in the same outcome.

Does Your Profile Disappear When You Delete Hinge?

Absolutely, your profile vanishes entirely when you delete your Hinge account. This intentional design ensures that inactive profiles don’t clutter the app, maintaining a positive user experience.

Note: If you decide to rejoin Hinge later, you’ll need to start fresh with a new profile.

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