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How To Fix Honkai Star Rail Audio Issues

This guide explores the causes and provides solutions to fix honkai star rail audio issues and restore the audio.

Understanding the Importance of Background Music in RPGs

In RPGs, background music enhances storytelling, sets mood, and elevates the gaming experience, making it more engaging and memorable. In Honkai Star Rail, it plays a crucial role in creating an immersive and captivating atmosphere for players.

Why Honkai Star Rail Audio Issues occur?

There are several potential causes for the Honkai Star Rail no music bug.

1. Missing or corrupted game files. Sometimes, essential files can be missing or corrupted during installation, leading to the music issue.

2. Outdated audio drivers. Outdated drivers can cause compatibility issues with the game’s sound engine.

3. Device volume settings. Make sure the game’s volume isn’t muted or set too low.

4. Server-related problems. In rare cases, the issue might be caused by server-side problems.

How to Fix Honkai Star Rail Audio Issues

Few things you can try to fix the honkai star rail no music bug.

1. Verify the Integrity of Game Resources. Some essential files might be missing or corrupted, resulting in the sound bug. To resolve this issue, follow these steps.

  • Launch Honkai Star Rail > Navigate to the main menu.
  • Click the Update button in the top right corner.
  • Check Force update all downloaded files.
  • Confirm the update and relaunch the game to check for resolved background music.

2. Adjusting Volume Settings. Check your device’s volume settings.

  • Access your device’s Open Volume Mixer.
  • Verify that Honkai Star Rail’s volume is prioritized and audible.

3. Updating Audio Drivers. Outdated or incompatible audio drivers can also cause the missing sound issue.

  • Right-click on the Start button > Select Device Manager.
  • Double-click on Audio inputs and outputs.
  • Update your audio driver and check for persistent no music issues.

4. Reinstalling the Game. If previous steps fail, backup game data and reinstall Honkai Star Rail. Ensure a clean installation to eliminate potential glitches causing the missing sound bug.

Tip: Recheck your backup to avoid any loss of progress.

5. Checking for Official Updates. Keep an eye on official updates from HoYoverse. Regularly check for patches addressing background music issues.

Tip: Join community forums for prompt updates and solutions from fellow players.

6. Alternative Solutions for Smartphone Users. Apart from above mentioned fixes, here are few other solutions as well for smartphone users.

  • Ensure in-game music settings are enabled.
  • Force stop and restart the game.
  • Check mobile device volume settings.
  • Test headphones for issues.
  • Unplug and reinsert earphones.

7. Alternative Solutions for PC Users. Here are few fixes for PC users as well.

  • Disable and enable audio properties.
  • Update audio drivers.
  • Adjust microphone privacy settings.
  • Check audio output settings.
  • Reinstall audio drivers
  • Enable audio services.

8. Waiting for server related fixes. Wait for HoYoverse to fix the problem. Monitor official announcements and community forums.


What is the Primary cause of the no music bug?

The cause varies but may involve missing/corrupted files, outdated drivers, volume settings, or server-related issues.

Can I Fix the issue without reinstalling?

Yes, try solutions like verifying game resources, updating drivers, and adjusting volume settings.

How to Check for Official Updates?

Stay updated through official announcements and community forums for patches.

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