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How To Fix “Can’t Delete Messages On Messenger”

“Can’t Delete Messages On Messenger” is a common issue that can be caused by outdated app versions, technical glitches, or unstable internet connections.

This article will guide you through the most effective solutions to resolve this issue and regain control over your messages.

Note: The following tips on resolving problems with the Messenger app will fix the issues with Android and iPhone versions of the Messenger app.

Why I Can’t Delete Messages on Messenger?

Several factors can contribute to the inability to delete messages on Messenger. Here are some common culprits:

Blocked or Unfriended: If the recipient has blocked or unfriended you, you’ll be unable to delete messages sent to them.

Archived Messages: Messages that have been archived by either you or the recipient cannot be deleted.

Group Chat Permissions: In group chats, only administrators can delete messages sent by other members.

Unsend Time Limit: You can only delete messages for yourself within 10 minutes of sending them. After 10 minutes, the option to delete “Unsend for Everyone” is no longer available.

Technical glitches, bugs, and poor internet connections also contribute to this problem.

How To Fix “Can’t Delete Messages on Messenger”

Here are the best solutions for how to fix “Can’t Delete Messages on Messenger”:

1. Update Messenger. The first thing you should try is to update your Messenger app to the latest version. This can often fix bugs that are preventing you from deleting messages. Check for and install any Messenger app updates on your Android device or app updates on your iPhone.

2. Restart your device. If updating the app doesn’t work, try restarting your Android or rebooting your iOS device. This can sometimes clear out temporary files and glitches that are causing the problem.

3. Clear the Messenger app cache on your Android device or clear the cache on an iPhone. Clearing the cache of the Messenger app can also help to fix problems with deleting messages.

4. Contact Facebook Support. If none of the above solutions work, you can contact Facebook Support for help. They may be able to identify the problem and provide a solution.


How do you delete a message in Messenger?

Go to your Chat Section, open the desired chat, select the message, press and hold until a popup appears, then choose “Remove” and select “Unsend for everyone.”

Why can’t I unsend a message?

Unsending may fail due to an unstable internet connection or poor network, preventing proper communication with the servers.

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