31 ways to get free crypto in 2022

How to earn free crypto?
Earn Free Crypto

Wondering how to earn free crypto in 2022? You are at the right place to learn about different ways to earn free cryptocurrencies.

In this article, we will describe the ways in which you can earn free crypto without doing any major work. We will discuss the ways to earn free crypto by doing regular work like searching on the internet, browsing web pages, reading, commenting, etc.

We assume that you don’t have any crypto with you now and want to earn crypto passively without paying any kind of money.

Browse the web and get free crypto with BAT browser

You might be using any of Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, or Edge to browse the content on the web. You spend a significant amount of time using this browser.

While using these browsers, you see ads in between. These ads eat up to 50% of your mobile phone’s data. But you will be paid nothing for watching this ad.

Brave is the only browser that rewards you for your attention. Like other browsers, Brave is free to download. But with Brave, it pays you whenever you see an ad.

Browse the web and get free crypto with BAT browser
Earn Free Crypto using Brave Ads

You can choose to opt-in or opt-out of Brave Ads. If you are opt-in, then you will be shown non-intrusive ads without invading your privacy.

You get 70% of the ad money that Brave collects in exchange for paying attention.

That revenue comes in the form of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), which are tokens that can be spent online.

At the end of each month, you can either withdraw your BAT in the form of cash.

You can check the latest market rates of BAT here.

How to get free crypto using Brave browser?

Follow the below sets to get free crypto using the Brave browser.

  • Install Brave Browser
  • Start browsing using Brave
  • Join Brave Rewards on Brave Browser
  • Your browser will add the number of ads you have seen. You will receive 70% of the amount of these ads.
  • In the first week of next month, you can see the total amount of revenue received for seeing Ads on Brave browser.
  • You can use this BAT to either tip other creators which accepts BAT or move it to your wallet.

Search internet and get free crypto with Presearch Search Engine

Instead of using Google as a search engine, you can search using the Presearch search engine. Whenever you search with Presearch, you’re rewarded with their native token, PRE. Each search is worth 0.10 PRE.

You will be rewarded for 30 searches a day. So, you will get a maximum of 3.0 PRE per day. 

However, you cannot withdraw the token as such. You need to have a minimum of 1000 PRE tokens to withdraw.

Search internet and get free crypto with Presearch Search Engine
Earn free crypto using Presearch

You can check the latest market rates of PRE here.

How to get free crypto using Presearch Search Engine?

Follow the below sets to get free crypto using Presearch Search Engine.

  • Visit the Presearch Search Engine page
  • Start searching
  • Every time a search is made, you earn 0.10 PRE.

Get free crypto with your data with Swash

Whenever you browse the internet, the Swash browser plugin collects your data. You will be rewarded for your data with the native token, SWASH.

You can check the latest market rates of SWASH here.

How to get free crypto using Swash plugin?

  • Install the Swash plugin to your browser 
  • Browse the internet as normal. Swash will do the rest for you.
  • Watch your wallet fill as you get paid for your data.
  • Refer, donate, redeem gifts, or stake your profits for extra value.

Earn free crypto while learning about crypto with Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn is an educational website where you can learn about cryptocurrencies. Based on your progress in learning you will be rewarded with crypto

You can earn your favorite crypto by learning more about that crypto.

The amount of cryptocurrency you receive for learning about that coin is determined by the cryptocurrency’s USD spot price at the time of earning.

Earn free crypto for Reading & Writing Content on Publish0x.com

Publish0x! is a Crypto powered blogging platform. 

When you read content on Publish0x, your can tip the author and yourself. The tipping amount comes from Publish0x.

The platform gives you the tip. You can choose how much to allocate to the author and how much to keep for yourself.

Following sliding tipper will be present at the bottom of every article. You can use it to tip a post you’ve liked.

Earn free crypto for Reading & Writing Content on Publish0x.com

Currently, the tokens you can tip and receive tips in on Publish0x are Ampleforth (AMPL), and Harvest. Finance (FARM).

You can check the latest market rates of AMPL here and FARM here.

Earn free crypto with Noise.cash

Noise. Cash is like Twitter, where anyone can write short posts and get rewarded for their content.

You are rewarded for your content with payments given in the form of BCH.

Users can tip others with either the money given by the platform or they can tip from their own wallet.

Earn free crypto with Hive

Hive Blog is like Reddit. But Hive Blog shares revenue with its users in Hive cryptocurrency.

There are mainly three ways to earn from the Hive:

  1. Write a post yourself
  2. Upvotes in other posts and
  3. Comments on others’ posts.

To join Hive, go to the hive website and sign up for free.

Earn free crypto with WeNano

WeNano, is a mobile app in which users can walk to places of interest and collect cryptocurrencies. Nano is the native token of WeNano.

Earn free crypto by commenting and posting on /r/CryptoCurrency

If you are active on /r/CryptoCurrency, then you can earn free crypto.

You will be rewarded with a Moons token for your contribution to this subreddit. The more upvotes you get for commenting and posting, the more MOON you get.

You can check the latest market rates of Moon here.


Faucets are websites where you enter your wallet address and they send you free Crypto.

Most of the time it is a fraction of a penny’s worth. Sometimes, those fractions of a penny could turn into actual pennies. You can check the banano faucet and the foobar faucet for more details.

Here are 12 crypto faucets.

  1. P Faucet – for MATIC/Polygon (one of Eth’s layer 2 solutions to improve transactions speed/bring down gas fees)
  2. P Faucet 2 – also MATIC
  3. ALGO faucet
  4. Nano Airdrops – Free NANO
  5. TryNano – Nano faucet
  6. Nanocoin – Another faucet
  7. Potassium 
  8. iMalfect – More free potassium
  9. Ergo Drops – Complimentary ERGO
  10. Gett – This is for CHIA (the coin that uses SSDs for mining)
  11. ChiaStart – Another CHIA source
  12. Chia Faucet – CHIA source #3


Games like Axe Infinity, Crypto Royale, Splinterland, etc. pay you in crypto for playing games. Here are 6 games that you can try out to get free crypto.

  1. Sunflower Farmer – Stardew Valley-like game
  2. Pegaxy – Tech horse racing game with cool cyberpunky designs where you breed horses and equip them with modifications to take advantage of track conditions
  3. Nano Quest – fast minimal game you can play in Chrome in exchange for NANO
  4. Alien Worlds- A very metaversy game where you can form DAOs with other players. It’s like a model United Nations, but in space.
  5. Office Land
  6. NFT Panda – Send cute pandas and wage them in war to defend their homeland.


You can buy your favorite coin and stake it. Staking your coins gives you free Crypto every month.

Free airdrops & NFTs

New projects are most likely to do airdrops or give away free NFTS. This is most likely luck because it is probably a giveaway. But by not entering you will never win.


These are some of the methods by which you can earn free crypto. We will keep this article updated with new ways to earn crypto in the future.