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How to get lots of followers on Roblox? (2023)

Wondering how to get lots of “followers on Roblox”.

Yes, you are at the right place to learn about getting followers on Roblox.

Recently, many Roblox users have been searching for ways to get more followers on Roblox.

An impressive following proves to gamers and potential fans that you’re worthy of keeping up with and can draw a crowd as a gamer.

In this guide, we’ll explain the following methods to get followers on Roblox.

1. Create a Roblox Youtube channel to get Roblox followers

2. Stream your game on Twitch to get Roblox followers

3. Use Discord to get followers on Roblox

4. Gain Followers within Roblox

5. Get rich on Roblox to have followers

6. Ask people to follow you on Roblox

7. Create Games on Roblox to have followers

We will discuss each of these in detail below.

Create a Roblox Youtube channel to get Roblox followers

Create a youtube channel for Roblox gaming

The first step in creating a Roblox channel is to have a strategy to grow your Youtube channel.

Unfortunately, if you’re just starting out, just playing Roblox and submitting your footage to YouTube, it won’t cut it.

Instead, you should concentrate on the Roblox community as a whole and find out ways in which you can add value to it.

This might be a quick video describing your top five Roblox games, or you could perform some in-depth reviews of popular Roblox games.

You can also do a review on brand-new games that have yet to be discovered.

Some of the Roblox-related youtube channels you can draw inspiration from are provided below.

Once you have formed a considerable number of subscribers on Youtube you can ask your own subscribers to check out your Roblox account.

Stream your game on Twitch to get Roblox followers

Rather than creating fully edited and well-performed videos on Youtube, Twitch is all about streaming live to your viewers.

Gain Roblox followers through streaming on Twitch

ROBLOX is a good game to stream on Twitch when starting out. A few of the reasons are provided below.

1. ROBLOX is not oversaturated on Twitch. This allows a better chance for new viewers to pass by and talk to you. This can possibly make your channel grow faster.

2. ROBLOX provides lots of variety for viewer interaction. Many different types of games from Arsenal to Loomian Legacy, where anyone can join your game and play with you on stream!

This is where the, “Playing With Viewers” tag is going to shine.

ROBLOX would be one of the top few games for viewer interaction since the servers can be large and provide a variety of games

3. With the community being smaller, it is easier to build a strong friendship with multiple other streamers.

While streaming, you can ask them to check out your Roblox account live. It’s super easy to find interactive viewers on Twitch, and it’s actually super easy to directly interact with the creator.

It’s also a really good method if you want active followers on Roblox.

There’s a thing called rating and hosting on Twitch, which is very similar to a YouTube shoutout except it’s much more beneficial on twitch.

Since it’s more of an instant thing that happens right then and there and you can instantly see a gain in fan base through that.

After that, all you need to do is to convince them to follow your Roblox account.

You can even give out little perks or rewards to the followers in the form of a new twitch live stream or a youtube video that will happen on a day that you don’t usually stream if they keep this up

Use Discord to get followers on Roblox

Discord is a really good use of a social media application to advertise your Roblox account.

Discord is for gamers from all around the world and it has a gathering of your potential followers. You can create a text channel dedicated to following your Roblox account.

Then, you can go around discord DMs and message and convince members of other discord servers to follow you. You can gather a pretty decent amount of followers from this tactic alone.

There are public discord servers that you can join as they are already open-ended communities that allow you to tap into a whole different fan base that doesn’t even know you exist.

This is a really good way to gain new followers.

Gain Followers within Roblox

If you’re looking into ways to get followers within Roblox as a game or Roblox as an application, then you can create a Roblox group, provided you have the Robux for it.

Gain Followers within Roblox

Roblox groups can be set around a certain niche from PVP to even just adventure games in general and use that to gain more of a following on your individual Roblox account.

You can start your own technical business on Roblox by reselling Roblox custom-made shirts and carbon copies of the original piece with your copyright hidden somewhere on it to even hosting private servers on Roblox games.

Get rich on Roblox to have followers

Another really interesting method to gain followers on Roblox is through getting rich on Roblox. This is simply done by reselling and buying items that are on the Roblox catalog page.

The trick is to sell stuff at its peak to buy a new set of stuff that you think will cost more at a later time period.

Users are actually able to find rich people by being owners of certain expensive items and it also brings a lot of followers as well.

You can also just buy your way to richness on the game as well.

Ask people to follow you on Roblox

You can ask people to follow you. The worst that can happen when asking users to follow you is having them reply with “no”.

Create Games on Roblox to have followers

The best way to gain followers on ROBLOX is to create games. If you make an amazing game,  then it’d probably be in your best interest to remind them to follow you for any future updates on existing games or new games.


Can we get banned for getting followers on Roblox?

The methods mentioned in this guide are legal and it won’t get you banned. But if you are using a bot service, then you might get banned.
Free follower bot services are usually scams that steal user information, while premium services generally take the money and run. Additionally, botting followers is against the rules and could result in a Roblox account ban even if the transaction goes smoothly.

Wrapping Up

In this guide, we have looked at some of the non-spammy ways to get followers on Roblox.

Hope you got an idea about getting non-bots followers on Roblox.

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