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Hinge Symbols Meaning


Hinge uses a unique set of icons to represent various features and functions. This guide will help you understand the Hinge Symbols Meaning.

Hinge Symbols Meaning

Understanding the various symbols and icons of hinge.

1. Book Symbol. The book symbol represents a user’s religion.

2. Dome with 4 Lines. Decode someone’s political beliefs with the dome and four lines symbol.

3. X Symbol. This simple X symbol represents the “dislike” function. Use it to skip profiles you’re not interested in. It works just like swiping left, so feel free to use whichever method feels more intuitive.

4. House Icon. Different from the location pin, the house icon reveals a user’s hometown, while the pin shows their current location.

5. Heart Symbol. This iconic purple heart is the equivalent of the “Like” button on Hinge. It’s the most fundamental feature, allowing you to express your interest in someone. Simply tap the heart on their profile to let them know you’re interested in getting to know them.

6. Blue Boost Symbol. Feeling invisible? This symbol allows you to purchase boosts for your profile. A boost increases your profile visibility, making it seen by up to 11 times more people within an hour. This can be a great way to increase your matches, especially if you’re not getting much attention.

7. Random Astrology Symbol. This symbol varies based on the individual’s astrology sign.

8. Rose Symbol. Similar to the “Super Like” on Tinder, the rose is a special feature used to show someone you’re really interested in them. It’s displayed as a purple rose star and can be sent to users in the “Standouts” section.

9. Second Look Symbol. Accidents happen, and the second look symbol allows you to undo your last swiping decision. Perhaps you accidentally swiped left on someone you actually liked? Fear not! This rewind option lets you take back your last swipe and choose again.

10. Black Heart Symbol. This symbol represents who likes you on Hinge. It reveals all the profiles that have already liked you, even if you haven’t seen them yet. This allows you to see who’s interested in you before you make your own decision.

11. Start Symbol. This symbol takes you to the “Standouts” section, where you can find profiles that are considered a good match for you based on your preferences. Here, you can send roses to express your extra interest in someone.

12. Plaster Symbol. Easily identify whether someone has been vaccinated or not with the plaster symbol.

13. Suitcase Icon. Discover where someone works using the suitcase icon.

14. Globe Icon. Uncover someone’s race/ethnic background with the globe icon.

15. Maple Leaf Icon. The maple leaf icon hints at whether someone enjoys the green stuff.

16. Graduation Hat Symbol. Find out where someone went to university with the graduation hat symbol.

17. Chinese Letters. Identify the language someone speaks with the Chinese letters symbol.

18. Magnet Symbol. Gain insights into someone’s sexual orientation with the magnet symbol.

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