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Hinge Slang: A Complete Guide to the Meanings Behind Each Phrase

In the same way that Tinder and Snapchat have given us new, memorable slang terms, Hinge users are now contributing to the internet lexicon. From new Gen Z words like ‘IRL’ to platform-specific terms like Hingeiversary, Hinge and Chill, here are all the important and popular Tinder slang terms and abbreviations that you need to know.

What does “Negging” mean on Hinge?

“Negging” is a manipulative tactic involving subtly insulting or criticizing someone to undermine their confidence, making them more susceptible to advances. For instance, “Recognized the signs of negging; choosing self-respect over manipulation.”

What is the meaning of “Rizz” on Hinge?

On Hinge, “rizz” is a slang term that signifies someone’s ability to flirt and charm potential partners—a secret weapon in the arsenal of seduction. For example, a user might say, “Channeling my inner rizz to make this conversation intriguing.”

What is “Situationship” on Hinge?

“Situationship” on Hinge describes a relationship falling between casual dating and a committed partnership, characterized by an undefined status and a lack of clear expectations. For instance, a profile mentioning, “Open to a situationship—let’s see where it goes.”

What does “Tase” mean on Hinge?

On Hinge, “tase” refers to the late-night conversations that keep you captivated by the intrigue and connection with your match. For example, a user might share, “Up for a tase tonight? Let’s dive into some interesting topics.”

What is “Textationship” on Hinge?

“Textationship” on Hinge describes a relationship that primarily exists through text messages and online communication, with minimal face-to-face interaction. For example, a profile stating, “Currently enjoying a textationship; witty banter is my love language.”

What is “Zombieing” on Hinge ?

On Hinge, “zombieing” is an eerie phenomenon where someone who ghosted you suddenly reappears, often without explanation or apology. For example, a user might express, “Experiencing a case of zombieing—ghosts from the past making a comeback.”

What does “Zombifying” mean on Hinge?

“Zombifying” on Hinge describes the act of ghosting someone but keeping them as a “zombie match” on your profile, in case you change your mind later. For example, a profile confession could be, “I admit to zombifying; past connections linger in my matches.”

What is “Catch Feelings” on Hinge ?

“Catch feelings” on Hinge refers to the development of romantic feelings for someone you’re dating or casually seeing. For instance, a user might mention, “Trying not to catch feelings, but let’s see where the chemistry takes us.”

What is a “Hard Swipe Right” on Hinge?

A “hard swipe right” on Hinge is a term indicating enthusiastic swiping right on someone’s profile, showing strong interest. For example, a profile declaration could be, “No hesitation here—just a hard swipe right for those who appreciate good conversation.”

What are “Vibes” on Hinge?

Vibes” on Hinge are often used to describe the overall feeling or compatibility between two people. Positive vibes suggest potential, while negative vibes may deter further interaction. For example, a user might say, “Feeling positive vibes—ready for a genuine connection.”

What is “Slide into Your DMs” on Hinge?

“Slide into your DMs” on Hinge suggests sending a direct message to someone on a social media platform or dating app. For example, a profile might playfully state, “Who’s ready to slide into my DMs and make the first move?”

What is “Wasting Time” on Hinge?

Engaging with someone on Hinge without genuine interest or intentions, often for entertainment or ego-boosting purposes. For example, “Avoid wasting time; genuine connections make Hinge more enjoyable for everyone.”

What does “IRL” mean on Hinge?

“Irl” is an abbreviation for “In Real Life,” used when suggesting a transition from online interactions to meeting face-to-face. For instance, “Ready to take this conversation from Hinge to IRL?”

What is “Unmatching” on Hinge?

“Unmatching” is the action of removing a user from your matches and chat list. It’s typically done when a user no longer wishes to engage with or pursue a connection. For example, “Decided to unmatch; it’s time to explore other connections.”

What are “Vibes” on Hinge?

“Vibes” describe the overall feeling or energy one gets from a user’s profile. Positive vibes suggest a potential match, while negative vibes may deter further interaction. For instance, “Getting great vibes from your profile; let’s chat!”

What is “Breadcrumbing” on Hinge?

“Breadcrumbing” involves sending sporadic and non-committal messages to keep someone interested without intending to pursue a serious relationship. It often involves minimal effort and engagement. For example, “Not into breadcrumbing; looking for meaningful connections.”

What is a “Glow-up” on Hinge?

A “glow-up” is a positive transformation or improvement in one’s physical appearance, lifestyle, or overall well-being. Users may showcase their glow-up on Hinge through updated pictures and prompts. For instance, “Embracing the glow-up; new pictures to reflect positive changes.”

What is “Hinge and Chill”?

“Hinge and Chill” is a playful variation of the popular “Netflix and Chill” phrase, suggesting a casual and relaxed approach to meeting someone on Hinge. For example, “Up for some Hinge and Chill this weekend?”

What is a “Prompt Master” on Hinge?

A “Prompt Master” is a user who excels at crafting creative and engaging responses to Hinge prompts. Being a prompt master can enhance a user’s profile and attract more attention. For instance, “Becoming a prompt master; it adds a fun touch to my Hinge experience.”

What is “Ghosting” on Hinge?

“Ghosting” on Hinge involves abruptly ceasing all communication with a person, leaving them without any explanation or closure. It’s a common and emotionally challenging experience in online dating. For example, “Dealing with ghosting; communication is key for a better Hinge experience.”

What is a “Hingeiversary”?

A “Hingeiversary” is the anniversary of when two users first connected or matched on Hinge. Celebrating a Hingeiversary may involve reflecting on the journey of the relationship. For instance, “Happy Hingeiversary! Reflecting on our journey together.”

What is “Prompting” on Hinge?

Engaging in the process of selecting and responding to Hinge’s creative and thought-provoking conversation prompts. Users answer these questions to showcase their personality and interests. For instance, “I enjoy the art of prompting; it’s a creative way to reveal my personality and interests.”

What is a “Commenting Spree” on Hinge?

When a user embarks on a series of comments on another user’s profile, it signifies a high level of interest or a strong desire to continue the conversation. For example, “Couldn’t help myself; went on a commenting spree to express my genuine interest in their profile.”

What does “Rose” mean on Hinge?

A “Rose” on Hinge is a virtual currency allowing users to express an elevated level of interest in someone’s profile. Roses are purchased using real money. For instance, “Sending a Rose to show that your profile has caught my special attention.”

What are “Standouts” on Hinge?

“Standouts” on Hinge refer to profiles that have higher visibility due to their uniqueness or exceptional content. These profiles often receive more attention and engagement from other users. For example, “Investing time in creating standouts can lead to increased visibility and engagement.”

What is “Your Turn” on Hinge?

“Your Turn” is a feature on Hinge that prompts users to respond to pending conversations. It encourages reciprocity in communication, ensuring both users actively contribute to the conversation. For instance, “I appreciate the ‘Your Turn’ feature; it keeps the conversation flowing smoothly.”

What is “We Met” on Hinge?

“We Met” is a feature on Hinge that allows users to provide feedback on their dates. It aids Hinge in improving its algorithm and offers users a sense of closure after meeting in person. For example, “Used the ‘We Met’ feature; it adds a thoughtful touch to the post-date experience.”

What does “DTR” (Define The Relationship) mean on Hinge?

“DTR” is an abbreviation for “Define The Relationship,” representing a pivotal moment in online dating where individuals discuss and clarify the nature of their connection, whether it’s casual, exclusive, or something else. For instance, “Had the DTR talk to establish the nature of our connection.”

What is “Zombieing” on Hinge?

“Zombieing” on Hinge occurs when a person who previously ghosted or disappeared suddenly reappears, often in response to a new prompt or update on the user’s profile. For example, “Experienced a case of zombieing; they reappeared after months of silence.”

What is “Roaching” on Hinge?

“Roaching” is the act of hiding the fact that you are dating multiple people from one of your partners, only to be revealed later, causing distress or discomfort. For instance, “Found out about roaching; honesty is crucial in dating.”

What is “Fishing” on Hinge?

“Fishing” on Hinge is a term used when someone is seeking compliments or validation. It often involves posting pictures or prompts designed to elicit positive responses. For example, “Noticed some fishing on profiles lately; it’s interesting how people seek validation in different ways.”

What is a “Standout” on Hinge?

A section of the app showcasing the profiles of users who have already liked you and sent you a rose. Users can view one Standout profile per day for free or unlock more with roses. For example, “Excited to explore Standouts today; it’s a unique way to discover mutual interests.”

What is “Date from Home” on Hinge?

“Date from Home” is a feature allowing users to indicate their readiness for a virtual date with their match. Users can choose from three options: ready, maybe later, or not interested. If both users select ready, they receive a notification and can start a video call within the app. For instance, “Opting for ‘Date from Home’; virtual connections are the new norm.”

What is “Most Compatible” on Hinge?

“Most Compatible” is a feature suggesting one highly compatible match per day based on users’ preferences, personality, and behavior. Users can choose to like, comment, or skip the suggestion. For example, “Got my ‘Most Compatible’ suggestion today; looking forward to exploring the connection.”

What is “DTR” (Define the Relationship) on Hinge?

“DTR” is a straightforward term referring to the crucial conversation where two people explicitly define their relationship status, moving beyond the ambiguity of casual dating. For instance, “Had the DTR talk; clarity is key in any relationship.”

What does “Benching” mean on Hinge?

“Benching” describes the act of keeping someone as a backup option, stringing them along without real commitment. Think of it as a reserve player on the dating field, waiting for their chance to play. For example, “Realized I was being benched; it’s time for a game-changing move.”

What is “Cuffing Season” on Hinge?

“Cuffing Season” is the time when the temperature drops, and the holiday season approaches, intensifying the desire for companionship. Singles seek temporary partners for warmth and comfort. For instance, “Feeling the chill; ready for some Cuffing Season warmth.”

What is “Ghosting” on Hinge?

“Ghosting” is the unfortunate act of disappearing from someone’s life abruptly, without explanation or closure. It’s the digital equivalent of vanishing into thin air. For example, “Dealing with a case of ghosting; closure would have been nice.”

What is “Kittenfishing” on Hinge?

“Kittenfishing” refers to the deceptive practice of using significantly more flattering or outdated photos to attract matches. For example, “Caught in a case of kittenfishing; appearances can be deceiving.”

What do “Lowkey/Highkey” mean on Hinge?

“Lowkey” implies a subtle or understated feeling, while “highkey” conveys a more intense and undeniable attraction. For instance, “Feeling a bit lowkey about this connection; let’s see where it goes.”

If we are missing any Hinge slang, feel free to ask or add in the comment section.

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