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Why Are My Hinge Photos Blurry?

In this guide, you’ll learn to tackle the issue of blurry photos with some quick fixes to enhance the quality of your Hinge pictures.

Why Are My Hinge Photos Blurry?

Blurry Hinge photos are typically caused by:

  • Incorrect pixel dimensions, not matching Hinge’s recommendation of 640×640.
  • Wrong aspect ratio, affecting the display in the card stack format.
  • Low-quality photos with insufficient resolution.
  • Unsupported photo formats that lead to blurriness.

How to Fix Blurry Hinge Photos

Here are a few ways that can help you fix blurry Hinge photos.

1. Correct compression by Hinge. Uploading photos with dimensions other than 640×640 may cause blurriness. Ensure your photos match Hinge’s recommended size.

Simply check your photo dimensions using your device’s settings and adjust dimensions to 640×640 if necessary. Then upload the corrected photo to Hinge.

Tip: Always use square-formatted pictures for better results.

2. Maintain the right aspect ratio. To prevent blurry or stretched photos on Hinge, focus on the aspect ratio, representing the photo’s height and width. Stick to Hinge’s recommendation of 640×640 pixels for clear, defined pictures.

Ensure your photos align with this aspect ratio, especially the first one, as it will be cropped to fit the 600×848 card stack format. Keep in mind that Hinge crops the first photo for optimal display in the card-style format.

3. Ensure high-quality pictures. Ensure your Hinge photos aren’t compromised by low quality. Many assume their smartphone camera defaults to high quality, but it’s not always the case. To guarantee top-notch pictures:

On Androids

  • Open your camera app’s settings (usually a gear symbol).
  • Adjust photo size and activate ‘HDR‘ for better quality.

On iPhones

  • Utilize the “Grid” feature for level pictures.
  • In iPhone camera settings, select the smallest size setting.
  • Confirm the size after taking a photo.

When uploading on Hinge, consider using the in-app camera. It auto-adjusts to the correct size (640×640).

Prevent initial blurring by not sharing photos before uploading. Sharing degrades photo quality, leading to potential blurring.

4. Use supported files. Unsupported photo formats can cause blurriness during upload. So, only upload photos supported by the Hinge app.

Check Hinge’s supported file formats and ensure your photo aligns with the supported formats. Then upload the compatible photo to prevent blurriness.

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