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Why Is Hinge Not Sending My Likes?

In this guide on “Why is Hinge not sending my likes?”, you’ll get to know the common reasons causing delays in your likes reaching recipients on the Hinge.

Why Is Hinge Not Sending My Likes?

Hinge sometimes leaves users puzzled when their likes don’t seem to be reaching others. While it may interrupt the anticipation of seeing your friend’s reaction to your liking, several factors could be causing this issue.

1. It takes time for people to receive your likes. When you send a like on Hinge, it undergoes a process: your request is sent to Hinge’s server, processed, and then approved. This entire sequence can take a few seconds or even hours.

If you suspect someone hasn’t received your like, exercise patience – wait a few hours before assuming there’s an issue.

Think of sending a like as sending a message; it requires time for the server to process and display the like to the recipient.

2. They did receive your like but told you they didn’t by mistake. There’s a chance the recipient did receive your like, but due to the delay in appearance on their profile, they might have mistakenly told you otherwise. Additionally, they might not be aware of where or how to view their likes.

If someone claims they didn’t get your like, suggest they check their likes properly, especially if they’re using the basic version of Hinge.

3. Problem with the app. Occasionally, technical glitches, errors, or malfunctions can hinder the successful sending of likes on Hinge. Apps, including Hinge, are susceptible to issues that may require updates to rectify.

If you suspect an issue with Hinge, report it to their support or help section to ensure the problem is addressed.

4. The Hinge is down. As with any app, Hinge relies on a server, and server downtime can disrupt services. Servers may go down due to various reasons such as power outages, maintenance, or technical faults.

Check Hinge’s server status using sites like DownDetector. If the server is down, wait for it to come back up.

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