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Hinge “New Here” Explained

When you join Hinge, a “New Here” badge appears on your profile, sparking curiosity about its duration. Some users embrace it, while others prefer a badge-free profile.

In this article, we’ll swiftly reveal how long the “New Here” badge lingers and share insights on its significance.

What does “New Here” Badge Mean

The “New Here” badge serves as a subtle yet effective indicator that your Hinge account is relatively new, having been created within the past two weeks.

This badge serves a dual purpose.

1. Enhanced Visibility: Your profile gains increased visibility among potential matches, attracting those seeking fresh connections.

2. Approachability: The badge signals to others that you’re still acclimating to the Hinge community, potentially making you appear more approachable and open to new interactions.

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How Long Does the “New Here” Badge Stay on Hinge?

When you create a new Hinge profile, the “New Here” badge lasts around 14 days. It disappears as your account matures, highlighting Hinge’s preference for active users.

Pro Tip: Stay engaged during those initial 14 days to boost your visibility and interactions on the app.

Is the “New Here” Badge Accurate?

Yes, the “New Here” badge is accurate. Hinge precisely tracks the first 14 days of account creation, removing the badge once this initial period concludes.

Embrace the badge as a sign of recent activity, potentially making your profile more appealing to others.

How to Only See People Who Are “New Here”

If you’re only interested in seeing people who are new to Hinge, you can subscribe to Hinge Plus and use the “New Here” filter. This filter will only show you profiles of people who have joined the app in the past two weeks.


When You Pause Hinge Does it Say Just Joined

When you pause your Hinge account and join back again, your account will not say “New Here” or “Just joined.” This is because for an account to see “New Here,” it needs to be a new account that just joined.

Can You Hide the “New Here” Badge on Hinge?

No, you can’t hide the “New Here” badge on Hinge. This is for Hinge to display when you first join the app with a new account. The “New Here” icon will leave once it has been 14 days.

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