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SG-8, SG-225,AR-23, AR-23P ,SMG-37,MP-98 – Helldivers 2 Weapon TDAM and DPS

In the chaotic and intense world of Helldivers 2, choosing the right weapon can mean the difference between glorious victory and a swift demise.

While factors like accuracy and range are important, we’ll simplify our analysis by focusing solely on pure damage output and total damage potential (TDAM) in this guide.

It’s crucial to note that this analysis is not exhaustive, and there are numerous other factors to consider when selecting weapons. However, for the sake of simplicity, we’ll use Damages Per Second (DPS) and TDAM as primary metrics.

SG-8, SG-225,AR-23, AR-23P ,SMG-37,MP-98 - Helldivers 2 Weapon TDAM and DPS

Shotguns: SG-8 vs. SG-225

SG-8 (Pump action shotgun, dual tube-fed)

  • DPS: 478.8
  • Potential TDAM: 20160 damage

SG-225 (Semi-auto shotgun, mag fed)

  • DPS: 1650
  • Potential TDAM: 42240 damage

The SG-225 emerges as the superior choice with significantly higher DPS and TDAM. Despite the SG-8’s advantage of never losing rounds during reloads, its overall performance falls short compared to the SG-225.

Assault Rifles/SMGs: AR-23 vs. AR-23P vs. SMG-37 vs. MP-98

AR-23 Liberator (Assault rifle, light armor pen):

  • DPS: 586.66
  • Potential TDAM: 19800 damage

AR-23P Liberator Penetrator (Assault rifle, medium armor pen):

  • DPS: 479.7
  • Potential TDAM: 14850 damage

SMG-37 Defender (SMG)

  • DPS: 606.66
  • Potential TDAM: 25200 damage

MP-98 Knight (SMG)

  • DPS: 1150
  • Potential TDAM: 20000 damage

Both SMGs outshine the assault rifles in terms of raw damage output and total damage potential. Additionally, their one-handed firing capability enhances mobility, making them versatile choices in various scenarios.

The AR-23P stands out as the weakest option, offering poor DPS and overall damage capabilities for the minor advantage of medium armor penetration.

DMR: R-63 Diligence

R-63 Diligence (Semi-auto DMR):

  • DPS: 652.96
  • Potential TDAM: 20160 damage

While boasting high DPS and TDAM, the R-63 Diligence’s semi-auto nature means its effectiveness heavily relies on the user’s firing speed. Despite its light armor penetration capability, it doesn’t hold a significant advantage over other weapons in its category.


The SG-225 reigns supreme as the go-to weapon for its exceptional damage output and total damage potential. However, the dominance of one weapon highlights the need for balance across all weapons in Helldivers 2.

In the ever-evolving battles of Helldivers 2, selecting the right weapon is not just a matter of firepower but a strategic decision that can ultimately tip the scales in the fight against overwhelming odds.

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