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50+ Helldivers 2 Pro Tips, Tricks and Strategy For Beginners

To ensure victory and survival on the Helldivers 2 battlefield, it’s essential to be armed not only with weapons but also with knowledge. Here are some invaluable tips and tricks to elevate your combat prowess.

Helldivers 2: Tips and Tricks for Efficient Combat

Helldivers 2 Tips and Tricks

Use hotkeys: Press 5 to resupply, hold R to customize weapons, hold X to drop items, and hold Q to communicate effectively.

Use appropriate weaponry: Lasers and precision strikes for Automatons, guns and area strikes for Terminids, gas for both.

Use first-person mode and scope for better aim. Crouch and lie down to reduce recoil.

Reload with 1 bullet left for faster reload.

Open container doors with explosives or stratagems.

Drop pods and reinforcements can kill large enemies.

Shoot Hellbombs to create big explosions.

Destroy objectives remotely with rocket launchers (beware bullet drop).

Artillery Side Missions: Choose desired ammo types before starting.

Radar Station Side Missions: Use console for accurate callouts, not compas.

Bug Nests Side Missions: Destroy with explosives or stratagems (avoid aggro).

Use 2-man teams for backpack-reloaded weapons (launcher + ammo bearer).

Be mindful of friendly fire from explosives and wide-range attacks.

If timer runs out, shuttle arrives after 2 minutes.

Hold reload to adjust weapon stats (zoom, RPM, firing mode).

Two players can operate weapons with backpack reloads (turn human turret!).

Eagles are unlimited but have long cooldowns (send back early if needed).

Blow up suspicious garage doors and unexploded Hellbombs strategically.

Tag everything! Enemies, structures, objectives, supply drops.

Spam pickup button to move faster with artillery rounds.

Turrets draw aggro, use them to distract enemies during retreat.

Utilize powerful stratagems like Eagle airstrikes and Gatling sentry turrets.

Prioritize objectives and eliminate patrols quickly to prevent breaches.

Utilize specific strategies for defeating various enemies, such as targeting Chargers’ tails or using Impact Grenades for patrols.

Equip appropriate weapons for different enemy types and difficulties, such as the Punisher Shotgun or Railgun.

Take advantage of passive buffs from armors and improve visibility and recoil control with ADS.

Complete side objectives for additional rewards and upgrade your ship with collected samples.

Zoom out the minimap for easy viewing.

Helldivers 2 Strategy

Strategic Preparation: Before embarking on a mission against the Automatons, always check the “Effects” tab to ascertain if electronic countermeasures are in play.

These countermeasures may swap some of your stratagem codes, requiring quick thinking and adaptability. Call out your desired stratagem and confirm its activation by checking the active stratagem ball in your hand.

Optimal Landing Positions: On regular missions, position yourself at the north end of the shuttle pad to maximize your chances of a smooth exit upon landing.

Crooked landings are more common during extermination missions.

Hellbomb Control: The orientation of the Hellbomb control panel corresponds to the direction you faced when deploying the beacon.

Be mindful of this orientation, especially when typing commands amidst enemy fire.

Swift Melee for Interruptions: In the heat of battle, if an ally obstructs your view while entering a code, swiftly exit the console and administer a melee attack to clear the obstruction and resume your actions.

Optimal Armor Selection: The green Twitch armor, dubbed “Goldilocks,” strikes a perfect balance between speed, protection, and stimulants, ensuring prolonged survivability on the battlefield.

Strategic Health Management: If your health is slightly depleted and you’re out of combat, refrain from immediate healing. Instead, deplete your stamina, then pause to regain both health and stamina simultaneously.

Strategic Use of Resupply Boxes: Distinguish between large yellow resupply boxes and smaller gray ones scattered across the battlefield. While the former replenishes all supplies, including stims, grenades, and backpack refills, the latter may only contain weapon ammo.

Optimizing Ammo Efficiency: As a new Helldiver, be mindful of partial ammo in your primary, secondary weapons, and calldown weapons. Invest in upgrades to mitigate resupply dependency for the entire team.

Resource Management: Enemy attention is finite, and engaging in unnecessary battles can divert valuable resources. Consider scavenging or pursuing objectives independently if teammates engage in futile conflicts.

Strategic Deployment of Samples: Safeguard collected samples by dropping them in secure locations until extraction time, ensuring their retrieval without interference.

Key Equipment Prioritization: Unlock priority equipment such as the Breaker, Uzi pistol, and autocannon to bolster your arsenal and combat effectiveness.

Effective Use of Anti-Automaton Weapons: Utilize the AMR to neutralize mounted MG units and scout walkers efficiently. Aim for explosions between the scout walker’s feet to eliminate operators and disrupt enemy formations.

Awareness of Enemy Tactics: Exercise caution around Automaton shield units, as they possess remarkable marksmanship. Seek cover or utilize environmental hazards to evade their precise gunfire.

Combat Awareness: Recognize the trajectory of enemy artillery shots to anticipate and evade incoming fire, ensuring your survival on the battlefield.


By implementing these tips and strategies, Helldivers can enhance their effectiveness in combating the Automaton threat and contribute to the defense of Super Earth with greater efficiency and precision. Stay vigilant, stay adaptable, and remember: victory belongs to those who are prepared.

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