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Helldive Like a Pro: One-Man Army Guide for Level 9 Difficulty in Helldivers 2

Are you tired of getting squashed by bugs and failing missions? Do you yearn to become a one-man wrecking crew, eliminating threats with ruthless efficiency?

This guide is for you! Buckle up, as we delve into the art of conquering Level 9 Helldives solo.

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Tools of Destruction

Primary: Shotgun (SG-225 Breaker or Precision Rifle) – For taking down Stalkers with precision.

Secondary: SMG – Devastating for small bugs and surprisingly helpful against bigger ones, despite limited ammo.

Grenades: Incendiary or High Ex – Seal shut bug holes and disrupt bug hordes.

Armor: Scout – Lightweight and agile, with optional extra grenades or explosion resistance (channeling your inner Doom Guy).


  • Orbital Rail Cannon/Laser: Vaporize Bile Titans.
  • Eagle Air Strike: Thin the herd and crush Spore Trees.
  • Supply Pack: Keep your grenade launcher happy.
  • Grenade Launcher: Your main tool for glorious bug annihilation.

Tactics for Domination

Grenade Launcher is King: Run from hole to hole, plugging them with explosive goodness. When facing hordes, employ “strategic repositioning” (aka: running away strategically, not cowardly fleeing). Lure bugs into clusters, then unleash grenade mayhem. Repeat for maximum bug removal.

Dealing with Specific Threats:

  • Chargers: Sidestep, use their charge to your advantage, or put obstacles between you and them. Air strikes and fire are their demise.
  • Stalkers: Deadly foes. Use your shotgun/rifle, then switch to the SMG to finish them off. Don’t hesitate with grenades – a dead Helldiver is useless.
  • Bile Titans: Orbital them to oblivion. If still alive, run circles around rocks, exploiting their clumsy nature.
  • Other Bugs: Bullets, grenades, fire, explosions – the usual Helldiver arsenal works wonders.

Staying Ammo-Fueled: Seek “gift horses” – glowing yellow beams. They offer ammo, sometimes weapons, and essential resources. Keep your backpack stocked for maximum grenade-launching fun.

Closing Nests and Collecting Riches:

  • Be a Spore-Jumping Master: Shoot unexploded spores to propel yourself away from danger. Remember, faceplanting hurts.
  • Bug Kill Limits: Each hole sends a limited number of bugs. Use strategic running and Permacure-endorsed stim packs to reposition enemies and close nests for those sweet samples.
  • Larger Objectives: Same tactics apply, but watch for Bug Breaches. Relocate until you clear the herd – fighting a breach is futile.

Solo Extraction: Mission (Almost) Impossible

Extraction solo is tough, but not impossible. With one friend, kite the bugs away while the other awaits the shuttle. Solo, prepare for an intense swarm – survival is unlikely, but legendary tales whisper of a lone hero achieving it.

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