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3 Working Fixes For Helldivers 2 Keep Crashing When Picking Planet

Helldivers 2 keeps crashing when a player picks a planet or system after waiting in queues for hours.

All the existing fixes like verifying game files, reinstalling game wont work.

Fixes for Helldivers 2 Keep Crashing When Picking Planet

This is a known issue and developers are working on it. We will be tracking the latest fixes here.

Note: The fixes mentioned here are shared by players from Helldivers 2 Reddit and Steam community

Workaround #1

Ensure that crossplay is disabled and that matchmaking is set to “friends only” (although this step may not be necessary). Next, navigate to the galactic map, select the sector containing the desired planet, highlight the planet without clicking on it, exit the galactic map, return to the highlighted planet, and select it.

byu/Dervera_97 from discussion

This method has been successful for solo play, but party dynamics might influence the outcome.

Here’s how to disable crossplay.

  • Select the “Gameplay” option from the “Options” tab.
  • Look for the ‘Crossplay‘ option.
  • Turn it off.
  • Save the settings.
Diable crossplay Failed to Join Game Lobby" Quickplay Match Making problems?

Workaround #2

If you do want to get some playtime in, join another player that does not have this issues until it gets fixed.

If you can’t join anyone, just join randoms on the official Helldivers discord.

Issues with the servers typically pertain to quick play and matchmaking, but they do not hinder joining friends.

Currently, players focus more on enjoying company than specific player attributes. However, it’s advisable to be mindful of the difficulty level when joining a team.

https://discord.com/invite/helldivers (official)



Workaround #3

It’s possible that the difficulty level could be a factor. Many players have had success because they selected missions on a higher difficulty level (3+). It’s worth trying that approach to see if it resolves the issue for you as well.

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