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Helldivers 2 Infinite Missions And Operations

In this guide, you’ll engage in the dynamic world of Helldivers 2, where infinite missions and operations await your strategic prowess.

Helldivers 2 Infinite Missions And Operations

Infinite Missions And Operations in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 brings boundless excitement and relentless action with its infinite missions and operations. Every mission and operation is procedurally generated, ensuring a unique experience each time you engage in the galactic world of Helldivers.

As you embark on these missions and operations, remember that each success contributes to your character’s progression and experience. With this infinite array of challenges, Helldivers 2 offers unparalleled replayability and a myriad of actions to engage with.

Missions And Operations In Helldivers 2

Missions in Helldivers 2 vary in complexity, but don’t be deceived by the 40-minute timer. Whether you’re venturing solo or with a team, it’s crucial to approach each mission strategically to unveil your strengths and overcome obstacles.

Operations group missions together, presenting you with a cohesive set of objectives to tackle. Within Helldivers 2, the possibilities are endless, offering infinite numbers of operations to undertake.

1. All Defend Freedom missions (Terminid Faction).

The Terminids, resembling giant bugs, swarm Helldivers who aren’t vigilant.

In this operation, you’ll face the majority of Terminids within their designated area, known as the Terminid Faction.

The missions in this operation include.

  • Spread Democracy: Raise the Super Earth flag.
  • Activate E-710 Pumps: Reactivate the E-710 pumps using three valves.
  • Upload Escape Pod Data: Retrieve data from a crashed escape pod.
  • Conduct Geological Survey: Search for valuable ore.
  • Eradicate Terminid Swarm: Eliminate a specific number of Terminids.

2. All Bug Extermination missions (Terminid Faction).

In the Bug Extermination operations within the Terminid Faction, you’ll face the relentless Tirminids once again. While they may seem formidable, staying alert and using the right approach makes them manageable.

The missions include.

  • Eliminate Brood Commander: Locate and defeat the Brood Commander.
  • Eliminate Charger: Find and defeat the Charger.
  • Launch ICBM: Activate the local ICBM with shells and terminal activation.
  • Purge Hatcheries: Destroy all Terminid eggs.
  • Search and Destroy: Eliminate all Terminid structures.

3. All Protect Liberty missions (Automaton Faction).

The Automaton Faction houses intelligent robots armed with firearms and melee weapons.

In this operation, you’ll confront robots capable of shooting lasers, grenades, and engaging in melee combat.

Missions in the All Protect Liberty Operation include.

  • Pump Fuel to ICBM: Reactivate the fuelling station to launch the ICBM.
  • Spread Democracy: Raise the Super Earth flag.
  • Upload Escape Pod Data: Collect data from a crashed escape pod.
  • Eradicate Automaton Forces: Eliminate Automatons.
  • Conduct Geological Survey: Survey for valuable ore.

4. All Destroy Automatons Operation missions (Automaton Faction).

This operation, situated within the Automaton’s domain, presents a fresh set of missions distinct from the previous ones.

Beware of the Automatons’ formidable offensive capabilities; their attacks inflict substantial damage, so evasion is key.

The missions included in the All Destroy Automaton Operation are as follows.

  • Sabotage Supply Bases: Obliterate munitions caches within Automaton territory.
  • Terminate Illegal Broadcast: Locate and disable the illicit broadcast via the terminal.
  • Sabotage Air Capabilities: Disrupt air capabilities within Automaton territory.
  • Eradicate Automaton Forces: Eliminate a specified number of Automatons.
  • Eliminate Automaton Devastator: Track down and defeat the formidable Automaton Devastator.

What Are Factions In Helldivers 2?

Factions categorize enemies in Helldivers 2 based on their difficulty and location. The game features two primary enemy types: Insects and Robots.

Each faction boasts unique weaponry, armor, strengths, and weaknesses, presenting distinct challenges for Helldivers to overcome.

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