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Helldivers’ Guide to the Western Front: Tactics & Tips for Jungle Warfare

Transitioning from the Orion sector to the Western Front is a daunting prospect for any Helldiver. The lush jungles harbor a new breed of adversary – mechanical foes whose tactics defy the brute force strategies that served against the Terminids.

From understanding your enemy to adapting your tactics, this guide is your key to survival in the jungle’s unforgiving embrace.

Helldivers' 2 Guide to the Western Front: Tactics & Tips for Jungle Warfare

Understanding the Adversary

The first and most crucial lesson in your arsenal is to comprehend the nature of your foe. Unlike the swarming hordes of Terminids, the mechanical adversaries you face in the jungle possess a calculated and methodical approach to combat.

No longer can you rely solely on close-quarters weaponry and brute force tactics. Adaptation is key.

Cover & Movement

Spread out: Don’t huddle, as explosives are a cyber specialty. Find individual cover, preferably in trees.

Move cautiously: Utilize cover-to-cover movement when advancing.

Weapon & Equipment Choices

Ditch the shotgun: Opt for a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) for long-range engagements. Aim for exposed flesh on “bigger bots” (hulks).

Rail gun is king: 1-2 shots take down most robots, making it a squad must-have. Consider recoilless rifles for tanks.

Light armor recommended: The infiltrator set aids flanking and sniping.

Dealing with Threats

Prioritize hulks: Their rockets can devastate squads. Shoot their launchers or heads (weak point).

Spot and eliminate the “caller”: Small bots can call reinforcements. Look for red smoke signals.

Disable artillery: If you hear “enemy artillery,” RUN! Disable the guns ASAP.

Compound Clearing

Snipers + distraction: Position snipers for overwatch while others soften up the base with barrages.

Destroy fabricators: This cuts off enemy reinforcements.

Neutralize secondary objectives: Watchtowers (spotting) and hammers (communication disruption) require priority attention.

Additional Tips

  • Enhanced zoom on DMRs and AMRs is crucial.
  • Impact grenades and revolvers are solid choices for secondary/grenade slots.
  • Learn cyborg behaviors: Scanners indicate they’re searching, red smoke means flare incoming.
  • Remember, the jungle is a “hellscape”. Stay sharp, stay alive!

By following these insights and adapting your tactics, you can increase your chances of survival in the unforgiving Western Front. Good luck, Helldivers!

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