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Workarounds for Helldivers 2 Difficulty Progression Bug

Helldivers 2 Difficulty Progression Bug Fixes
helldivers 2 Difficulty Progression Bug

A very large portion of the player base is effectively soft-locked from playing the game because they can’t play anything beyond easy or medium difficulties. 

This has been an issue reported since the launch. It was first publicly acknowledged during the Feb 20th patch with the line

  • Rewards and other progress may be delayed or not attributed.

Here are some fixes shared by the Reddit and Steam community for Helldivers 2 Progression Bug

Contact Arrowhead support team on Discord

Currently, there are couple of support threads on Discord where you can leave your account info so that the support team can manually unlock difficulties for you. It is going on a queue basis.

Contact Arrowhead directly

You can open a support ticket on Arrowhead’s Zendesk instead. If you are on PC make sure to include your accound ID to speed things up. 

An Account ID is unique to every account, no matter your name. This helps Arrowhead support team find you more easily and assist you faster!

How to find your Account ID

  • When on your ship, press ESC on keyboard, or Options on the Dual Shock controller, where you will be presented with the Options Screen.
  • Go to the Options Tab by clicking on it, pressing “3”, or using the L1 and R1 Buttons to navigate between tabs.
  • After this, you will want to go down to the bottom “ACCOUNT” settings tab, where you will be able to find your Account ID. Here you will then be able to copy it by pressing “R” on keyboard, or Square on Dualshock Controller.

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