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Helldivers 2 Difficulty 9: The Ultimate Guide

Congratulations on reaching the pinnacle of Helldive difficulty.

Here are a few advanced strategies and loadout combinations that work best in Helldivers 2 Difficulty Level 9.

Primary Weapons

SG-8S Slugger: The single-shot powerhouse. Melts bugs and bots, even cracking Charger armor and Bile Titan sacs. But its slow fire rate demands a Redeemer sidekick.

SG-225 Breaker: The “easy mode” weapon. Mows down trash with ease and handles most enemies decently. Great for newcomers or a more relaxed approach.

Secondary Weapons

P-19 Redeemer: The undisputed sidearm champion. Melts hordes of Hunters that would overwhelm slower primaries, keeping you alive.


Shield: The ultimate crutch, soaking up “friendly” fire and enemy attacks. Lets you kite indefinitely, but sacrifices valuable support options. Use wisely!

Support Weapons

Railgun: The versatile killer. Take down enemies while staying mobile. Master its “unsafe mode” for maximum damage. Two shots crack a Charger leg, and 5-8 headshots fell a Bile Titan (hitboxes can be finicky). Great against bots too, one-shotting even Hulks. Just forget objective destruction.

Grenade Launcher: The objective obliterator. Eggs, bug holes, bot factories – this baby clears them all with ease. With 24 shots and reload on the move, you might solo an entire map without resupply. The Blitz/Egg MVP.

Autocannon: The hybrid warrior, blending armor-piercing and objective-clearing abilities. It needs a backpack slot, but offers a nice balance.

EAT: The cooldown king for armor-cracking. Spam it across the map and let the explosions do the work. Even the calldown itself can kill and break objectives.


Eagle 500kg: The all-rounder. One-shots armored units, clears trash mobs, and destroys objectives. It scales well with Hangar upgrades, but aiming requires practice due to its small blast radius.

Orbital Laser: The panic button. Stuck under enemy reinforcements? This wipes the slate clean, but its limited uses restrict it to shorter missions.

Orbital Gas: The sleeper hit. Short cooldown, objective destruction, armored unit slaying, and excellent trash clear – all in one. You can even survive its damage with stims, making it a self-destruction option for objective completion.


Autocannon: The shredder. Excellent for clearing both trash and armor, making it a versatile choice.

Mortar: The long-range lookout. Provides early warnings and eliminates enemies from afar, even holding points while you complete objectives. Its ability to lure enemies away is surprisingly useful.

Remember, these are just recommendations. Experiment, adapt, and find what works best for your playstyle. Helldive solo and conquer, soldier!

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