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Helldivers 2 Acronyms: Your Essential Cheat Sheet


Confused by the alphabet soup in Helldivers 2? Don’t sweat it, FNG! This guide deciphers essential acronyms so you can speak fluent “Helldivian” and become a squad-leading pro.

Helldivers 2 Glossary

Light Armor Pen: Can damage enemies with light armor effectively.

Medium Armor Pen: Can damage enemies with medium armor effectively.

Horde: A large group of enemies.

DMR: Designated Marksman Rifle – A high-precision rifle designed for long-range engagements.

Stratagems: Special abilities players can use in the game.

Squad Roles: Different roles players can choose in multiplayer, each with specific strengths and weaknesses.

DPS: Damage Per Second – A measure of how much damage a weapon can deal over a specific time period.

TDAM: Total Damage – The maximum amount of damage a weapon can deal before needing to reload.

Ammo Economy: How efficiently a weapon uses its ammunition.

Reload Speed: How quickly a weapon can be reloaded.

Fire Rate: How many shots a weapon can fire per second.

Armor Penetration: The ability of a weapon to damage enemies with different armor types.

AWD: All Weapons Deployed – A tactic where players equip all their weapons for immediate access.

CC: Crowd Control – Strategies or weapons used to control large groups of enemies.

CE: Critical Error – When a player dies through their own actions (e.g., friendly fire).

DSI: Deep Strike Interdictor – A powerful orbital bombardment ability.

DSS: Data Storage Satellite – An objective in some missions.

DZ: Drop Zone – The area where players spawn at the start of a mission.

FNG: Friendly Non-Governmental – A new or inexperienced player.

FOB: Forward Operating Base – A temporary base players can build.

HP: Health Points – A player’s remaining health.

LB: Lethal Biomass – A type of enemy that explodes upon death.

NPC: Non-Player Character – An enemy controlled by the game’s AI.

RS: Regular Strike – A difficulty level in missions.

SS: Support Strategem – A strategic ability used to support the team.

TD: Tactical Drop – A method of quickly deploying to a specific location.

XP: Experience Points – Points earned for completing objectives and killing enemies, used to level up and unlock new things.

AP Ammo: Armor Piercing Ammo – Increases damage against armored enemies.

HE Grenade: High Explosive Grenade – Deals area-of-effect damage.

IFV: Infantry Fighting Vehicle – A powerful vehicle players can call in.

MG: Machine Gun – A high-fire-rate weapon.

MLRS: Multiple Launch Rocket System – An area-of-effect rocket launcher.

PLASMA: Plasma Rifle – A powerful energy weapon.

RCV: Remote Controlled Vehicle – A small, remotely controlled explosive device.

SG: Shotgun – A close-range weapon.

SMG: Submachine Gun – A high-fire-rate weapon with lower damage than an assault rifle.

ST: Support Tool – Tools used for specific tasks, like repairing buildings or calling in airstrikes.

HLL: Helldivers Liberation League – A fan community for the game.

PUG: Pick-Up Group – A group of players formed for a single session.

ROFL: Rolling On Floor Laughing – Used for humor.

WTB: Want To Buy – Used for trading items.

WTS: Want To Sell – Used for trading items

Bug: Any insectoid-type enemy.

Crag: Large, armored enemy with ranged attacks.

Cyborg: Heavily armored enemy with cybernetic enhancements.

Horde: Large group of weaker enemies.

Infestor: Enemy that spawns smaller enemies.

Mega Bug: Powerful version of the regular Bug.

Plasma Slug: Flying enemy that shoots plasma projectiles.

Splitter: Explodes upon death, dealing area-of-effect damage.

Tank: Heavily armored enemy with strong firepower.

Activate Comm Relay: Establish communication with HQ.

Build FOB: Construct a temporary base for operations.

Deliver Data Core: Collect and deliver data to extraction point.

Destroy Cyborg Nest: Eliminate the source of cyborg reinforcements.

Escort Scientists: Protect scientists as they complete tasks.

Exterminate Bugs: Eliminate all enemies in the area.

Hold the Line: Defend a specific location against enemy waves.

Rescue Civilians: Save civilians from enemy captivity.

Secure Data Storage: Capture and defend a data storage unit.

AFK: Away From Keyboard – Player is not actively playing.

BRB: Be Right Back – Player will be back soon.

GG: Good Game – Used to acknowledge a well-played match.

GLHF: Good Luck, Have Fun – Wishing other players well in the game.

NP: No Problem – Acknowledging someone saying thank you.

OP: Overpowered – Something considered too strong.

RIP: Rest In Peace – Used humorously when a player dies.

UP: Update – New information or instructions.

WTF: What The Fudge – Expressing surprise or confusion.

AP Rounds: Armor-Piercing Rounds – Effective against heavily armored enemies.

EMP Grenade: Electro-Magnetic Pulse Grenade – Disables enemy vehicles and shields.

Exo Launcher: Launches powerful exo drones.

Hammer: Melee weapon dealing high damage in a small area.

Plasma Cutter: Tool used to cut through obstacles and disable enemy tech.

Shield Generator: Creates a temporary shield dome to protect players.

Stasis Trap: Freezes enemies in place for a short duration.

Class Abilities: Unique abilities specific to each player class.

Consumables: Items providing temporary buffs or effects.

Heroic Deeds: Special actions players can perform for rewards.

Mutation System: System used to customize and upgrade player stats.

Overcharge: Allows players to temporarily boost weapon damage and fire rate.

Reinforcement Beacon: Calls in reinforcements to aid players.

Resupply Zone: Area where players can replenish ammo and health.

Cthulu Boss: Powerful final boss encountered in specific missions.

Cultist: New enemy faction using dark magic.

Demolisher: Large, slow enemy that deals heavy area-of-effect damage.

Hack Objective: Hack terminals to complete specific tasks.

Inquisitor: Powerful enemy unit equipped with advanced weaponry.

Progenitor: Enemy capable of spawning smaller enemies and healing allies.

Tank Turret: Stationary enemy turret with heavy firepower.

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