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Who Is Grub The Cat In Baldur’s Gate 3?

In this guide, you’ll learn about Grub, the cat and how to find this endearing companion in BG3.

Who Is Grub The Cat?

Grub the Cat, with its deep orange fur and timid disposition, accompanies NPC Yenna in Act 3.

While some speculate Grub might be Yenna’s shapeshifted mother, there’s no concrete evidence.

Yenna’s mother vanished, possibly turning into Grub for safety.

Despite attempts to dispel curses or harm Grub, the loyal cat persists, hinting at a sincere bond with his master.

How To Find Grub The Cat In BG3?

To locate Grub, head to Wyrm’s Crossing on the outskirts of Baldur’s Gate.

Encountering the red-haired child Yenna and Grub, players must possess the Speak with Animals spell to communicate with Grub.

Interact with him to learn about Yenna’s ailing mother.

After conversing with Yenna, you can bring them back to the camp, though it takes some time.

Other cats players will encounter in BG3. Grub isn’t the sole charming cat in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Here are others you can meet.

1. Tara. A unique cat with bird feathers on her leg, found during exploration.

2. Hiss Majesty. A Sphynx cat at Last Light Inn, who dislikes disturbances and may shoo away players.

3. Kira the Cat. Located at Sharss’ Caress, this fluffy brown cat with bright blue eyes is ready for top-tier gossip.

4. Steelclaw. Another Sphynx Cat, found hunting illithid tadpoles, playing with her prey before finishing them off.

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