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How to Grant App Permissions on Android?

Granting app permissions on an Android device is a fundamental aspect of controlling what information and features an app can access. Here’s how you can grant app permissions on Android:

Grant App Permissions During Installation

When you install an app from the Google Play Store, you’ll often be asked to grant certain permissions. You can choose to accept or deny these permissions during the installation process.

Keep in mind that some permissions are necessary for the app to function properly, and denying them might result in the app not working as expected.

Grant App Permissions After Installation

If you’ve already installed an app and want to review or change its permissions, follow these steps:

Open Settings: Go to your device’s home screen.Swipe down from the top to access the notification panel, and then tap the gear-shaped Settings icon, or open the “Settings” app from your app drawer.

Navigate to App Settings: Scroll down and find the “Apps” or “Applications” section in the Settings menu. The exact wording may vary slightly depending on your Android version.You can also access this section directly by searching for “Apps” in the settings search bar.

Select the App: Find the app for which you want to grant or revoke permissions and tap on it.

Manage Permissions: Look for an option that says “App Permissions,” “Permissions,” or something similar, and tap on it.

Grant or Revoke Permissions: You will see a list of various permissions the app requests. These permissions are usually categorized (e.g., Location, Camera, Microphone, etc.).To grant or revoke a specific permission, tap on the permission category, and then toggle the switch on or off for each permission.

Confirm Changes: After toggling the switches for the permissions you want to change, you may be prompted to confirm the changes.

Android 10 and Above (Advanced):

On Android 10 and newer versions, you have even more control over permissions. You can grant some permissions only when the app is in use:

a. Access Permissions in Real-Time:

When an app requests a permission, you can choose to grant it only while the app is running. For example, you can grant location access only while the app is open.

b. Access Permissions from App Info:

  • You can also manage permissions from the app’s info page:
  • Long-press the app icon on your home screen or app drawer.
  • Tap “App info” or the “i” icon.
  • Navigate to the “Permissions” section and manage permissions individually.

Remember to be cautious when granting permissions, especially for apps that you’re not familiar with. Be sure to review the app’s permissions and consider why it needs them. Granting unnecessary permissions can potentially compromise your privacy and security.

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