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How To Get Autocanon In Helldivers 2

In this guide, you’ll learn the Autocannon in Helldivers 2—an unstoppable force on the battlefield, renowned for its rapid-fire precision and versatility.

What Type Of Weapon Is Autocannon In Helldivers 2?

The Autocannon, a fully automatic weapon, is renowned for its versatility and battlefield potency.

With its high rate of fire, it swiftly dispatches targets, proving a formidable asset.

Designed to penetrate medium armor, its ammunition ensures effectiveness against armored adversaries.

Operators wield the Autocannon with devastating precision against enemy forces.

This weapon excels in various combat scenarios, from engaging armored vehicles to suppressing enemy positions.

Its utility extends beyond anti-armor roles, proving effective against various threats.

The Autocannon’s adaptability and lethality make it a preferred choice among fighters and tacticians.

Its presence instils confidence in allies and strikes fear into enemies’ hearts on the battlefield.

With each shot, the Autocannon reaffirms its status as a formidable force demanding respect.

In skilled hands, it becomes a symbol of power and dominance, influencing battle outcomes.

How To Get Autocanon In Helldivers 2

Players advance through the game’s levelling system to unlock the Autocannon, typically achieved at Level 10.

They can obtain it through purchase or unlocking, depending on game mechanics, possibly requiring in-game currency or completing specific objectives.

Accessing the Autocannon involves accumulating credits or completing missions.

Reaching Level 10 grants access to the Autocannon, which players can equip for missions, utilizing its firepower effectively against enemies.

The Autocannon enhances combat capabilities with its rapid rate of fire and effectiveness against medium armor.

Best Combo Weapons With Autocannon In Helldivers 2

Here are some weapon combinations for the Autocannon in Helldivers 2, grouped by the firing mode of the Combination Gun.

Combination with Shotgun.

Shotguns pair well with the Autocannon for effective gun combinations. Here are some examples.

  • SG-8 Punisher Shotgun: Offers high damage and plasma burn for crowd control, effective against Cyborg enemies.
  • SG-225 Breaker Shotgun: Deals massive close-range damage, perfect for eliminating enemies.
  • SG225SP Breaker Spray & Pray Shotgun: Ideal for short ranges and pairs well with the Autocannon.

Combination with Grenade Launcher.

Here are some recommended grenade launchers that pair well with the Autocannon.

  • G-3 Smoke Grenade: Provides reliable AOE damage, useful for clearing groups of enemies or destroying weak structures.
  • M32 Rotary Grenade Launcher: Perfect for suppressing large hordes or eliminating heavily armored enemies.

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