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How To Get and Use Anti-Material Rifle In Helldivers 2

In this guide, you’ll learn how to wield the potent Anti-Material Rifle in Helldivers 2, mastering its capabilities to overcome tough adversaries and dominate the battlefield.

Get and Use Anti-Material Rifle In Helldivers 2

What Is a Material Rifle In Helldivers 2?

The anti-material rifle is a high-powered, single-shot sniper with exceptional penetration and damage. It effortlessly pierces through multiple enemies and obstacles, often eliminating foes in a single shot.

Notably, it excels against armored adversaries like tanks and mechs by bypassing their defences and targeting weak spots.

Additionally, its unique first-person aiming mode enhances precision. However, drawbacks include a sluggish reload time and limited ammo capacity.

How To Get Anti Material Rifle In Helldivers 2?

To obtain the anti-material rifle.

  • Spend requisition points at the terminal.
  • Earn requisition points by completing missions.
  • Choose the rifle from the support weapons category once you have enough points.
  • Deploy it during missions using the stratagem code.
  • Retrieve the rifle from the drop pod.
  • Share it with teammates if they have an available stratagem slot.

Uses Of Anti Material Rifle In Helldivers 2?

The anti-material rifle is a versatile weapon with multiple uses.

Sniping: Take out distant, armored foes by aiming through the scope at weak spots like eyes or fuel tanks.

Support: Provide cover fire and dismantle enemy structures such as turrets, generators, and bridges.

Stealth: Quietly eliminate enemies without alerting them using the reduced noise upgrade. Create diversions to lure enemies away from objectives.

Drawbacks And Limitations Of Anti Material Rifle

The anti-material rifle isn’t flawless and comes with some drawbacks.

Reload Time: It has a lengthy reload duration, risky in close combat. Always carry a backup weapon like a pistol or knife for nearby threats.

Ammo Capacity: With a low ammo supply, it can deplete rapidly. Keep a resupply stratagem such as an ammo drop or supply pack handy for ammo replenishment.

Recoil: High recoil affects accuracy and stability. Aim meticulously and fire in controlled bursts instead of continuous spraying.

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