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How To Get Ale In Skull And Bones?

Ale in Skull & Bones holds immense value, serving as both a beverage and a sought-after trade good among pirates and traders. It’s not just about indulgence; it’s a strategic asset essential for funding adventures, earning coins, and keeping crew morale high.

Pirate’s Brew: In the vast seas of Skull & Bones, Ale is a pirate’s favorite. Categorized under the Compagnie Commodity group, it’s revered for its ability to foster camaraderie among sailors and boost enthusiasm during perilous journeys.

Acquiring Ale

Purchase From Vendors: Venture into the vibrant city of La Bastide, the hub of factional activity. Seek out vendors dealing in Ale and other commodities. While it guarantees a steady supply, expect to shell out around 540 coins per unit.

Plunder From Merchant Ships: For a more adventurous approach, raid merchant ships near Saint Anne. Engage in naval combat to seize control and claim the Ale. It’s a risky endeavor but offers the chance to amass large quantities without upfront costs.

Trading With Players: Forge alliances with fellow players who possess Ale. Engage in trades or exchanges, leveraging social skills and negotiation prowess. While it may not require direct expenditure, ensure the trade is mutually beneficial.

Smuggling Secrets

Embarking on smuggling missions adds an exhilarating twist to your pirate endeavors. Here’s how to navigate through:

1. Contract Acquisition: Keep an eye out for contracts labeled “Smuggle Ale” from quest givers or mission boards. Accepting the contract triggers the mission. Note the designated delivery location or crate for dropping off the Ale.

2. Obtaining Ale: Secure Ale through various means: purchasing, raiding, or trading. Ensure you have enough to fulfill the contract. Use your in-game map or quest markers to reach the delivery location.

3. Locating The Crate: Conduct a thorough search near the delivery point for a marked wooden crate. Approach it and interact to deposit the Ale. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the delivery. Expect rewards or progression for successful fulfillment.

Tip: Always be prepared for unexpected encounters or challenges during smuggling missions. Keeping a keen eye on your surroundings and staying vigilant can make all the difference between success and failure.

Embark on your Ale-acquiring quests with confidence, and may the winds favor your sails, matey!

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