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14 Ways to Fix Xumo Not Working on Vizio TV

This article covers the best solutions for when Xumo isn’t working properly on a Vizio smart TV. Whether your Xumo app is slow, won’t stop buffering, keeps crashing, or even completely disappears, this page will provide several quick fixes to get your Xumo streaming properly again.

Why Can’t I Get Xumo Working On My Vizio Smart TV?

Xumo technical issues on smart TVs, such as those made by Vizio, are usually caused by:

  • Out-of-date operating system
  • Out-of-date Xumo app
  • Internet connectivity problems
  • Xumo service outages

How to Fix Xumo Not Working on Vizio Smart TVs

Here’s all of the best solutions for Xumo problems on Vizio’s smart TVs. It’s best to work through these fixes in the order presented as they’re listed from fastest and easiest to more comXumo.

1. Check your Vizio TV’s internet connection. The easiest way to do this is to try another app that also requires access to the internet.

2. Check if Xumo’s down. The Xumo service itself could simply be experiencing server or other technical issues.

3. Try another Xumo episode or movie. Xumo streaming issues can sometimes affect specific films or episodes. If other Xumo content streams fine and the program you want to watch doesn’t try waiting an hour or so for the issue to remedy itself.

4. Restart your Vizio smart TV. To restart your Vizio smart TV, unplug your TV, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it in again.

5. Update the Vizio Xumo app.Press the V or VIA button on your remote. Select the Xumo > Update > Yes > OK. If you can’t see the Update option, you already have the latest version installed.

6. Update your Vizio smart TV’s firmware. To update the operating system on Vizio smart TVs, press the V or VIA button on the TV remote. Select System > Check for Updates.

7. Reboot your internet router. If your Vizio smart TV is experiencing internet connectivity issues on multiple apps, a router reboot could be the solution.

8. Use a wired internet connection. Rather than connecting your TV to the internet via Wi-Fi, which can sometimes be too slow for streaming Xumo, connect it directly to your internet router via a cable connection.

Tip: An Ethernet cable is the common way to connect a smart TV to an internet router or modem, though a coaxial cable can also be used when ethernet isn’t an option.

9. Log out of Xumo and log back in again. Quickly sign out and then back in to refresh the app and potentially fix any glitches affecting your Vizio smart TV Xumo app.

10. Turn off your VPN. Xumo is known to block accounts that use a VPN.

11. Sign all accounts out of Xumo on all devices. Open the Xumo app or website on any device and sign out from all devices. It’s possible that too many people were accessing your Xumo account simultaneously.

12. Uninstall the Vizio smart TV Xumo app. Delete the Xumo app from your Vizio TV and then reinstall it again. 

To delete an app from a Vizio Smart TV, press the V or VIA button on the TV remote. Select Xumo > Delete App > Yes > OK

Tip: If you suspect a stranger is accessing your Xumo account, change your password to prevent them from logging in.

13. Cast Xumo to your Vizio smart TV. If you still can’t get the Vizio Xumo app to work on your smart TV, try casting content to it from the Xumo app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

14. Factory reset your Vizio smart TV. If none of the above fixes get Xumo working, perform a hard reset on your TV to remove all apps and settings and return it to its as-new state. This can often fix a host of problems.

To factory reset your Vizio TV: Press the Menu button on the TV remote. Navigate to System > Reset & Admin > Reset TV to Factory Defaults > Reset. Enter the passcode or system PIN. The default value is 0000. Try that if you’ve never set it before.

Note: The Reset and Update option requires an internet connection, so only choose that if you’re sure that your Vizio TV is able to access the internet.

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