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8 Ways to Fix Low Sound on Xumo

Low sound on Xumo is a common problem that can manifest as a barely audible volume or a noticeable difference in volume compared to other apps or channels.

This page covers all of the tested and proven solutions for how to fix low sound on Xumo when watching content on your computer, TV, or mobile device, in addition to some tips for how to prevent the issue from happening again in the future.

Why is Xumo Sound Low?

Low Sound on Xumo is usually caused by:

  • Incorrect audio settings: Your device’s audio settings may not be configured correctly for Xumo.
  • Outdated audio drivers: Outdated audio drivers can also lead to sound issues on Xumo.
  • Audio format compatibility: Xumo supports a variety of audio formats, and some devices may not be compatible with all of them.
  • Hardware problems: Damaged or loose HDMI cables, faulty audio output ports, or outdated sound drivers can all contribute to low audio volume.

How to Fix Low Sound on Xumo

Here are the best solutions to resolve low sound on Xumo:

1. Verify audio settings: Ensure your device’s volume is turned up and that the sound is not muted. Additionally, check the volume control on your external audio devices.

  • On Windows, Select Settings > System > Sound
  • On Mac, Apple logo (top left corner) > System Preferences > Sound
  • On Android, Settings > Sound > Volume
  • On iOS, Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Volume

Note: If you’re using a streaming device, such as a Roku or Chromecast, you may need to adjust the audio settings on the device itself.

2. Adjust audio format: If you’re using an older device, it may not be compatible with the newer audio formats supported by Xumo. Try changing the audio format to stereo or 5.1 surround sound to see if that improves the sound quality.

3. Validate internet connection: A slow or unstable internet connection can also cause sound problems on Xumo. Ensure you have a strong internet connection before attempting to watch a Xumo video.

4. Restart your device: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve minor glitches that may be causing low sound on Xumo. To restart your device, hold down the power button until a menu appears. Then, select the option to restart your device.

5. Update audio drivers: Outdated audio drivers can cause various sound problems, including low volume. To update your audio drivers, visit your device manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for your device.

  • On Windows, Press Win + X on your keyboard and select Device Manager > Sound, video and game controllers > Update driver.
  • On Mac, Tap on Apple logo (top left corner) > About This Mac > System Report > Audio category.

6. Inspect HDMI Cable and Ports: If you’re using an HDMI cable to connect your device to your TV, inspect the HDMI cable for any damage or fraying. Ensure the HDMI cable is securely connected to both your device and the TV.

Try connecting your device to a different HDMI port on the TV. If the HDMI cable is damaged, replace it with a new one.

7. Uninstall and reinstall Xumo: If you’ve tried all the above steps and you’re still experiencing low sound on Xumo, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This can sometimes fix corrupt or outdated files that may be causing the problem.

8. Contact Xumo customer support: If you’ve exhausted all the aforementioned steps and you’re still encountering low sound, reach out to Xumo customer support for further assistance. They may be able to identify the root cause of the issue and provide additional troubleshooting steps.

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