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Wizz Messages Not Sending? Try These 14 Fixes

This article covers a number of fixes for when Wizz can’t send a message properly.

These solutions can be used when a message is stuck on send, when Wizz appears offline, and when a DM has been sent but doesn’t seem to have been delivered properly.

Why Is Wizz Not Sending Messages?

Wizz not sending messages properly can be the result of a number of factors.

  • Wizz service experiencing issues or being offline
  • Restrictions placed on an account by a contact or Wizz support
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • An out-of-date Wizz app or operating system

How to Fix Wizz Messages Not Sending

Here’s all of the best solutions for fixing Wizz when it won’t send a message.

1. Check if Wizz is down. It’s possible that the entire Wizz service, or aspects relating to Wizz, could be offline or experiencing errors.

2. Check your phone’s Wi-Fi or cellular connection. The quickest way to do this is to open another app that needs an internet connection. If Wi-Fi is slow or down, switch to cellular. If cellular is slow or down, switch to Wi-Fi.

The process of switching between Wi-Fi and Cellular connection depends on your platform: Android, or iPhone.

3. Toggle Airplane Mode on and off. This only takes a few seconds and is an easy way to reset your phone’s Wi-Fi and cellular connections. (AndroidiPhone)

4. Turn off your VPN. VPNs can sometimes interfere with some apps’ internet connectivity.  To test if this is the case, disable your VPN on Android device or disable your VPN on iPhone and check if this resolves the issue.

5. Quit and re-open Wizz. Completely close the Wizz app, don’t just minimize it. The process for fully closing an app depends on the platform you are using. (AndroidiPhone)

6. Restart your device. A quick restart can fix a number of app and system issues. Note that the process for restarting is different depending on the device you’re using.  So take a moment to reboot your Android or reboot your iOS device to see if it resolves problems with Wizz app not working.

7. Update the Wizz app. Check for an app update on your Android device or iPhone to make sure you have the latest version. Check for and install any Wizz app updates on your Android device or app updates on your iPhone

8. Clear the Wizz app cache on your Android device or clear the cache on an iPhone. While caching improves app performance by saving app information in local memory, it can also lead to issues with your device not receiving the latest information from Wizz. Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest information from Wizz.

9. Disable Low Data Mode. Low Data Mode can prevent Wizz from connecting to Wizz’s servers.

10. Activate Background App Refresh. On iPhone, select Settings > Wizz and enable Background App Refresh.

11. Reinstall Wizz. Uninstall the Wizz app on your iPhone or Android device and then reinstall it. This process can sometimes get rid of any message sent error messages or bugs.

12. Update your operating system. Downloading and installing the latest iOS or Android operating system can fix a variety of system and app issues. (Android, iPhone)

13. Reset network settings. Resetting your device’s network settings can fix a variety of internet connection problems on multiple apps. (Android, iPhone)

14. Contact Wizz Support. It could be an issue with your account, and Wizz customer support should be able to help you determine if that’s the case.


How do I fix it when my Wizz gets hacked?

The first thing you should do if someone gains access to your Wizz is try to change the password if the hacker hasn’t done so already. If you can’t, you should go to Wizz’s support page to sort it out.

How do I fix Wizz notifications?

If you aren’t receiving notifications for new messages in Wizz, you should first check your device’s settings to be sure notifications are on. You should also check the notification settings within the app. If notifications appear to be on everywhere, check for an update and restart your device.

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