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8 Ways to Fix Unicorn Overlord Lagging, Stuttering on Nintendo Switch

This guide covers all of the tested and proven solutions to fix it when Unicorn Overlord stutters, lags, or freezes constantly on Nintendo Switch.

How to Fix Unicorn Overlord Lagging, Stuttering on Nintendo Switch

Here are the best solutions for how to fix Unicorn Overlord stuttering, lagging, or freezing constantly on Nintendo Switch.

1. Power cycle the Nintendo Switch. Performing a soft reset on the Nintendo Switch console can also address lagging issues during gameplay. Here is how to do it.

  • Press and hold the power button for atleast 15 seconds.
  • Select Power Options, then Power Off.
  • Press the power button again to turn it back on after the screen goes dark.

2. Install system update. System updates often include performance enhancements and bug fixes. Once the installation is complete, the console is likely to restart.

  • Navigate to the Nintendo Switch Home menu > System Settings.
  • Select System > System Update.
  • Allow the Switch to check for updates and install if available.

Note: It’s crucial not to interrupt this process, as halting the update mid-installation could potentially damage the console.

3. Clear cache. Accumulated cache data can affect game performance. Clearing the cache for Unicorn Overlord frees up space and resolves potential conflicts, leading to smoother gameplay.

  • From the Home menu, select System Settings.
  • Scroll to Data Management, then Manage Software.
  • Choose the game and select Delete Save Data, then confirm.
  • Afterwards, select Archive Software and confirm.
  • Navigate to Downloadable Content, delete extra content, and select Redownload to reinstall from the eShop.

4. Check for corrupted data. Corrupted game data can cause lag and stuttering. Deleting and re-downloading the game and checking for patches or updates helps eliminate corrupted data issues.

  • Navigate to System Settings > Data Management > Manage Software.
  • Scroll down, select the game, and choose Check for Corrupt Data.
  • Delete and re-download the game, clear its cache, and check for patches.

5. Reinstall Unicorn Overlord on internal storage. Installing Unicorn Overlord on the internal storage ensures faster loading times than external storage. Internal storage provides better performance, benefiting overall game navigation and experience.

6. Check your console’s kickstand. The often disregarded kickstand on the Switch can be a source of lagging problems. If the kickstand is not secure, it may induce vibrations in the console, resulting in lag.

To determine if the kickstand is the culprit, attempt to play the game without it. If the lag disappears, it indicates that the kickstand is causing the issue.

7. Check your MicroSD cards. If you’re experiencing lag while playing games, it could be due to issues with your MicroSD card. If your card is slow or corrupted, it can cause lagging and freezing.

  • Remove the MicroSD card and play without it to identify if it’s causing lag.
  • Ensure the MicroSD card meets Nintendo’s recommended specifications.

It’s crucial to recognize that MicroSD cards vary in performance. Speeds differ between cards, and not all may be suitable for use with the Switch.

Nintendo advises using MicroSD cards featuring a transfer speed ranging from 60-95 MB/s and a UHS speed class of UHS-I or higher.

8. Contact Nintendo Customer Support. If you continue to experience problems after following these steps, you are advised to contact Nintendo support for further assistance.

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