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8 Ways to Fix Unicorn Overlord Crashing or Not Loading on Nintendo Switch

This guide provides tested solutions to fix Unicorn Overlord crashing or not loading on Nintendo Switch and get your game up and running smoothly again.

How to Fix Unicorn Overlord Crashing or Not Loading on Nintendo Switch

Here are the best solutions for how to fix Unicorn Overlord not working on Nintendo Switch.

1. Restart the Nintendo Switch. Simply restart your Nintendo Switch console to clear temporary glitches or cache data issues, which often resolves game launching problems. Here’s how:

  • Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  • From the Power Menu, select Power Options.
  • Choose Restart.

2. Update the game. To update the game, ensure your Nintendo Switch is online and has stable internet connectivity.

Then, check for available updates and install them on your console. Outdated game patches may cause various issues, including game launching problems.

  • From the Home Screen, select Unicorn Overlord.
  • Press the + or – button.
  • Select Software Update, then choose Via the Internet.

3. Update system software on Nintendo Switch. Your Nintendo Switch software can cause game launch and gameplay issues if it’s outdated. Check for pending updates if you haven’t updated your console in a while. Here’s how:

  • Access the HOME Menu.
  • Navigate to System Settings > System > System Update.
  • The system will check for updates.
  • If available, it will download and install automatically.
  • Wait for completion before rebooting your device.

Note: Ensure your Nintendo Switch is adequately charged while updating.

4. Clear the cache memory. If the previous methods didn’t work, clear your console’s cache memory using these steps.

  • Navigate to the Nintendo Switch Home menu > System Settings.
  • Select System > Formatting Options > Delete All Content and Settings.

5. Recover corrupted game data. Try repairing or recovering corrupted game data on your Nintendo Switch console by following these steps.

  • Tap the Home button to access the main menu.
  • Choose System Settings > Data Management > Manage Software.
  • Select Unicorn Overlord > Check for Corrupt Data.

6. Reinstall Unicorn Overlord on internal storage. Installing Unicorn Overlord on the internal storage ensures faster loading times than external storage. Internal storage provides better performance, benefiting overall game navigation and experience.

7. Use an SD card to set up the game. Sometimes, the Nintendo Switch’s internal storage can become corrupted, leading to game crashes and poor performance due to cache data issues.

Installing games on an SD card instead of internal storage can help resolve these issues.

It’s crucial to recognize that MicroSD cards vary in performance. Speeds differ between cards, and not all may be suitable for use with the Switch.

Nintendo advises using MicroSD cards featuring a transfer speed ranging from 60-95 MB/s and a UHS speed class of UHS-I or higher.

8. Contact Nintendo Customer Support. If you continue to experience problems after following these steps, you are advised to contact Nintendo support for further assistance.

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