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10 Ways to Fix Twitter X Notifications Not Getting on Galaxy Watch

If your Galaxy Watch isn’t receiving any Twitter (X) notifications, it’s likely not a permanent problem. Here’s how to get Twitter notifications working correctly on your Galaxy Watch again.

Note: The fixes on this page apply to the Samsung Galaxy watches using Google’s Wear OS app and Galaxy Wearable app.

Why Is My Galaxy Watch Not Receiving Twitter Notifications?

When your Galaxy Watch stops receiving Twitter notifications, it’s usually because it lost connection with your phone. When the two devices disconnect, your notifications don’t go to your Galaxy Watch from the phone. There are also numerous settings that disable notifications by default.

How to Fix It When Galaxy Watch is Not Getting Twitter Notifications 

If your Galaxy Watch doesn’t receive any notifications from X, there are some things you can do to check where the issue lies.

1. Reboot your Galaxy Watch. Like most tech gadgets, switching your Galaxy Watch off and back on again can fix a lot of issues.

2. Enable Bluetooth Connection between phone and watch. Galaxy smartwatches establish a connection with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on both your smartwatch and smartphone

On your phone, tap on the Bluetooth icon in the Quick Toggles to enable Bluetooth. If the toggle is active, disable it and turn it back on again.

On your WearOS smartwatch, open the Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > ON

3. Turn off AirPlane mode. You might not receive notifications while in Airplane mode.

4. Check your Galaxy Watch and Twitter notification settings. Your smartwatch links to your phone via an app (Wear OS app or Galaxy Watch Manager). For the app to send notifications to your watch, you will need to enable notification permissions.

If your Galaxy Watch isn’t vibrating when you get Twitter notifications, check your Watch’s and Twitter’s notifications settings to make sure they are set to receive notifications with haptic feedback. 

Open Settings > Notifications > Device & app notifications.> Wear OS app or Galaxy Watch Manager. Enable the toggle next to ‘Allow notification access’.

Repeat the same steps for the Twitter app as well.

5. Turn Off Batter Saver. Disabling this option is advisable to ensure that the app can run without interruptions.

On your smartphone, open Settings > Apps > Wear OS app or Galaxy Watch Manager > Battery > Unrestricted

On your Watch, open Settings > Battery > Power Saving. Untick the icon to disable power saving.

6. Turn off Do Not Disturb. If Do Not Disturb is active on your Galaxy Watch, you won’t receive notifications.

7. Clear Twitter and Wear OS or Galaxy Watch Manager app cache. While caching improves app performance by saving app information in local memory, it can also lead to issues with your device not receiving the latest information. Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest information.

8. Update your Galaxy Watch and phone. Sometimes, both devices need an update to work properly again. Ensure your phone is running the latest version of the OS before updating the Galaxy Watch. Learn how to install Android Phone OS updates here.

Before updating: Connect the phone to Wi-Fi. Update Phone OS. Charge Watch to at least 50-percent. Keep devices close.

Update on Watch: Open Settings > General > Watch software update

You can also update Twitter and Wear OS or Galaxy Watch Manager app to the latest version.

9. Re-pair your Galaxy Watch. Reset the watch and pair it with your phone. This will ensure all underlying issues with the watch’s software are fixed.

On Watch, Select Settings > General > Reset > Back up data. Once it is done, click on Reset

Your smartwatch will now reset to factory settings. You’ll have to pair it back to your phone from scratch. During the setup, you will be given the option to restore data from a backup.

10. Contact Galaxy Support. If you’ve tried all these fixes and your Galaxy Watch still won’t receive Twitter notifications, you may need to have it repaired by Galaxy. Get in touch with Galaxy Support for more advice. 

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