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How to Fix Tutorial Bugs in Helldivers 2

In this guide, you’ll explore the tutorial bugs encountered in Helldivers 2, disrupting seamless player progression.

Discover insights into the tutorial mechanics, bugs, and effective solutions to navigate through the challenges seamlessly.

Insight Into Tutorial Of Helldivers 2

The Helldivers 2 tutorial introduces players to the game mechanics and basics before missions. It covers movement controls, combat, objectives, stratagems, and navigation through menus.

This interactive tutorial fosters hands-on learning, guiding players through challenges to practice aiming, shooting, and teamwork.

It emphasizes coordination and communication among team members, providing essential skills for gameplay.

Overall, it serves as a comprehensive introduction, equipping players with the necessary knowledge and skills.

How to Fix Tutorial Bugs in Helldivers 2

To address the barbed wire glitch in Helldivers 2’s tutorial, follow these steps.

1. Jump over. To avoid the barbed wire glitch in the tutorial, try jumping over it instead of crawling beneath it. This can sometimes help you bypass the glitch, letting you continue without getting stuck.

2. Grenade Toss. If jumping isn’t effective or too difficult, try tossing a grenade near the barbed wire. The explosion could create a gap in the fence, letting you pass through easily.

3. Restart Checkpoint. If all else fails and you’re stuck in the barbed wire, restart the checkpoint from the menu. This will respawn you before the issue, offering another chance to proceed bug-free.

4. Wait for updates. Arrowhead Game Studios, developers of Helldivers 2, are aware of the tutorial bug and are actively fixing it. Players encountering this issue should stay patient and watch for updates from the developers.

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