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How to Fix Random People Stories Showing Up On Snapchat Stories

Snapchat users have recently faced a frustrating issue where random people’s stories appear on their Snapchat feed. In this article, we’ll explore various solutions shared by the Reddit community to tackle this problem.

Disable Promotional Messages

Navigate to Snapchat settings, specifically to the “Notifications” section. Under “Message Preferences,” you’ll find an option called “Promotional Messages.” Turning this off is reported to disable friend suggestions and may solve the issue of random quick add stories.

Block Each Account

If the above solution doesn’t work, few users recommends taking matters into your own hands by blocking each account individually. While this may be a manual process, it could be an effective way to stop unwanted stories from appearing.

Contact Snapchat Support

Several users have taken the initiative to reach out to Snapchat support for assistance. While awaiting a response, it’s clear that users are eager for Snapchat to address and resolve this issue on a larger scale.

Clear Data and Contacts

In the settings, go to “Clear Data” and select “Clear Contacts.” This action removes synced contacts from your phone, which might eliminate the quick add contacts causing the problem. However, some users report that this solution may only provide temporary relief.

Remove from Quick Add

You can also remove the unwanted accounts from the Quick Add section. While this may work for some users, others have reported that this issue persists even with Quick Add turned off.

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