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Why Snapchat Won’t Load Photos Or Snaps In Chat (How To Fix It)

Snapchat not loading photos, snaps, or stories in the chat is a common issue that can manifest as a blank chat window, a spinning loading icon, or blurry photos.

This page covers all of the tested and proven solutions for how to fix it when Snapchat stops loading photos, snaps or stories in chat.

Note: The following tips on resolving problems with Snapchat will fix the issues with Android and iPhone versions of Snapchat app.

Why My Snapchat Not Loading Photos, Snaps, Or Stories?

Snapchat not loading photos, snaps, or stories in chat can be caused by:

  • Bad Internet Connection
  • Battery & Data Saver Settings
  • Outdated Snapchat App
  • Excessive Caches
  • Slow Device Performance
  • Snapchat Server Issues

How To Fix Snapchat Not Loading, Snaps Stories, Or Pictures?

Here are a few things you can do to fix when Snapchat won’t load photos, snaps, or stories in chat.

1. Check if Snapchat’s down. The Snapchat service could be experiencing a server outage or other technical issues.

2. Check your phone’s Wi-Fi or cellular connection. The quickest way to do this is to open another app that needs an internet connection. If Wi-Fi is slow or down, switch to cellular. If cellular is slow or down, switch to Wi-Fi.

The process of switching between Wi-Fi and Cellular connection depends on your platform: Android, or iPhone.

3. Toggle Airplane Mode on and off. This only takes a few seconds and is an easy way to reset your phone’s Wi-Fi and cellular connections. (AndroidiPhone)

4. Restart the Snapchat. Properly closing the Snapchat, not just minimizing it, and then opening it again could fix the problem. (AndroidiPhone)

5. Restart your device. Restarting your mobile device will often clear most problems. So take a moment to reboot your Android or reboot your iOS device to see if it resolves problems with Snapchat not working.

6. Logout And Re-login On Snapchat: If you’ve tried all of the other things on this list and you’re still having problems, you can try logging out of Snapchat and then logging back in.

7. Disabled Battery/Data Saver mode: Check if your device’s Battery Saver or Data Saver is turned on. If it is, turn it off and try again.

On Android, Navigate to Settings > Network and Internet > Data Saver > OFF

On iPhone, Navigate to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Turn Off Low Data Mode

8. Clear Snapchat Conversation: If the problem is only happening with one particular person, you can try clearing the conversation.

To clear a conversation, go to the chat and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Select “Clear Conversation.”

9. Remove Friend And Re-Add: If clearing the conversation doesn’t work, you can try removing the person as a friend and then adding them back again.

10. Check for Snapchat updates. Check for and install any Snapchat app updates on your Android device or app updates on your iPhone. If your Snapchat is ever out of date, it can lead to connection errors and other issues that may lead to Snapchat not loading photos, snaps, or stories in the chat.

11. Clear the Snapchat cache on your Android device or clear the cache on an iPhone. While caching improves app performance by saving app information in local memory, it can also lead to issues with your device not receiving the latest information from Snapchat. Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest information from Snapchat.

12. Check the Snapchat permissions. You need to permit Snapchat to access things like your contacts, photos, mic, etc., otherwise, those things won’t work. (AndroidiPhone)

13. Uninstall and reinstall the Snapchat. If nothing else has worked to this point, take the time to completely uninstall Snapchat from your Android or iPhone. Then reinstall the Snapchat on your device.


Why won’t pictures load in Snapchat chat?

Snapchat photos not loading in chat may be due to a slow internet connection, device issues, or problems with Snapchat servers. Check your connection, restart the app, or switch to a better internet source.

How do you fix Snapchat not loading snaps or stories?

To resolve Snapchat not loading snaps or stories, restart your device, ensure a stable internet connection, uninstall and reinstall the app, and then open Snapchat. This should address most loading issues.

How to see photos saved in chat on Snapchat?

Navigate to Chats on Snapchat, select the conversation, and swipe down to view saved photos. All saved photos in the chat will be accessible in this section.

Do pictures saved in chat on Snapchat disappear?

No, pictures saved in chat on Snapchat do not disappear. Once you’ve saved a photo, it remains in the saved photo section of the chat.

Why is my Snapchat not refreshing?

If Snapchat is not refreshing, it could be due to a poor internet connection, a slow device, or issues with Snapchat servers. Ensure a stable connection and consider restarting your device.

Does Snapchat Drain Your Battery?

Snapchat itself does not drain your battery, but prolonged usage of the app may contribute to battery usage. It’s advisable to manage your app usage and keep an eye on battery consumption.

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