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How to Fix Skull and Bones Can’t Access The Helm

Experiencing difficulty accessing The Helm in Skull and Bones despite meeting all requirements is a known issue, especially during the open beta.

This article aims to address this issue comprehensively, providing insights into unlocking the Black Market and resolving any access issues players may encounter.

Skull and Bones Can't Access The Helm

No Access To Helm’s Starting Contract in Skull and Bones

If you find yourself unable to access The Helm despite meeting all requirements, try restarting the game or giving it some time. Developers are actively addressing this issue, so stay tuned for updates on fixes.

How to Access Helm’s Starting Contract in Skull and Bones

Follow the below steps to to access the Helm and unlock the Black Market in Skull and Bones:

1. Progress the Main Storyline. Advance through the main storyline in Saint Anne to trigger progression towards unlocking The Helm. Note that some players suggest completing the entire Scurlock questline, specifically “The Rat” and “The Lion” quests.

2. Receive Invitation and Speak to the Barkeeper. Eventually, you should receive a letter of invitation to The Helm. Head to the bar and interact with the barkeeper to initiate the questline to unlock the Black Market, starting with “A Tight Ship” quest.

3. Complete Questline. Follow the questline provided by the barkeeper until you eventually gain access to The Helm and The Black Market.

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