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How to Fix Sharp TV Black Screen of Death

If your Sharp TV has seemingly displayed the black screen of death for no apparent reason, there’s a potential shining light in that dark, dark screen. Here are a few ways to fix the Sharp TV black screen of death.

Note: If the problem you’re experiencing is a black screen because you can’t access a streaming service or internet app, it’s possible you just need to troubleshoot your Sharp TV’s Wi-Fi connection.

Causes of the Sharp TV Black Screen

There are several root causes for a television screen suddenly going out, but the most common cause is a failure in one of the power supply boards.

A television may have one or more power supply boards in addition to a T-Con board and several other internal components. While these parts may sound complicated, they’re actually relatively easy to fix.

Before you rush out to purchase the necessary parts, you should find out what the problem is. 

There are different issues that may affect your television. You should narrow down the problem before you attempt any repair. Start with a sound test.

Perform a Sound Test

1. Turn on the TV. 

2. Listen for sound. If you hear nothing, try to stream something you know will make noise.

3. Ensure the volume is turned up.

Use the “Flashlight Test”

If you have sound but no image, the component that produces lighting for the television is likely the issue. You can narrow this down even more by using the “flashlight” test.

1. Find a bright flashlight and ensure it has power.

2. Position yourself about two inches from your television screen and shine the light on the TV.

3. If you can see an image on the screen with the use of a flashlight, it means the inverter board in the television has gone bad. 

Check the Connections and Power

Many times, the best solution is a simple one. Before you panic, make sure everything is working properly and there are no loose connections. Then perform a hard reset of the TV:

1. Turn off the television and unplug it. 

2. Press and hold the TV’s power button for 30 seconds

3. Release the power button and plug the television back in. 

4. If you’re trying to test the picture from a device like a cable box, swap it out for a different device. If this fails, try to access the setting menu on the television.

How to Fix Sharp TV Black Screen of Death

If you have tried all of these methods and have an idea of what the problem might be, here are a few ways to repair it.

Replace the Power Board

Replacing the power board can be complicated; both the method you use and the model number of the board will vary from television to television. However, it’s still a fix that anyone can do at home with minimal experience. 

You will need

  • A soft cloth or towel to protect the television screen.
  • A Philips-head screwdriver. The size will vary based on the size of your television.
  • A container to place all the removed screws in.

1. Lay the television face down on a prepared surface. 

2. Remove all the rear screws with the screwdriver. 

3. Find all of the fuses on the television. Most have five. 

4. If any of the fuses have blown, replace them. A blown fuse can often be the source of the problem, rather than the board itself. 

5. Locate any wires that connect to the power board and remove them.

6. Remove the screws that hold the power board and remove the old board.

7. Place the new board into position, then carefully screw it into position.

8. Reconnect all of the wires and cables.

9. Replace the rear cover of the television and secure it.

10. Plug the television in and test if the repair worked. 

Replacing Other Components

If the inverter board or another critical component has gone out, it will need to be replaced in a similar fashion to the power board. However, if you don’t feel confident in your ability to repair the television without causing further damage, hire a repair technician to handle it.

If your TV is still covered by the terms of the Sharp product warranty, reach out to Sharp Technical Support.

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