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10 Ways to Fix Reddit Chat Notification Won’t Go Away

This guide offers practical solutions to swiftly address the Reddit notifications not going away issue and regain control of your notification panel.

Why Won’t Reddit Notification Go Away?

Reddit notifications that linger often stem from specific issues, such as.

  • Unchecked notifications waiting for your attention.
  • Potential downtime or server issues affecting communication.
  • Occasional bugs within Reddit causing malfunctions.
  • Internet connectivity problems hinder real-time updates.

How to Fix Reddit Chat Notification Won’t Go Away

Here are a few ways that can help you fix Reddit chat notifications not going away.

1. Check for a stable internet connection. Weak internet may cause persistent notifications in Reddit, as it relies on a real-time server connection for loading account details and notifications.

Switch between Wi-Fi and Cellular connection (AndroidiPhone) or toggle Airplane Mode on and off (AndroidiPhone) to fix the connection issues.

2. Check for unopened notifications. Ensure you’ve reviewed all notifications in the app. Marking them as read can prompt the app to clear the persistent alerts.

3. Adjust notification preferences. Customize your notification settings within Reddit to receive only essential alerts. You can also disable Reddit notification settings on the phone as well.

On the Phone

  • Open device Settings.
  • Navigate to Apps and Notifications.
  • Tap Notifications, then App Settings.
  • Locate Reddit in the app list.
  • Turn off notifications or customize your preferences.

4. Check server status. When Reddit experiences server issues, it can lead to lingering notifications. Verify Reddit’s server status on the Downdetector website.

5. Log out and log in. Sometimes a simple re-authentication can fix account hiccups. Log out of Reddit, then sign back in.

6. Clear cache. Clear the app’s cache to eliminate bugs. Navigate to your device’s app settings and clear the Reddit’s cache. (Android, iPhone)

7. Update the app. Ensure your Reddit is updated to the latest version to benefit from bug fixes and improvements. (Android, iPhone)

8. Reinstall Reddit. Reinstalling the app can address persistent bugs. Uninstall the app, then reinstall the latest version.

9. Clear background apps. Close background apps to allocate dedicated memory to Reddit, enabling smoother operation. (AndroidiPhone)

10. Contact Reddit support. If bugs persist, report the issue to Reddit’s customer support for assistance.

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