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Working Fix for Helldivers 2 Login Limit Reached on PS5

Note: The fixes mentioned in the article are compiled from Reddit and Steam communities. The fix that worked for one might not work for another.

Latest PS5 Fix as of Feb 23, 2024

After every patch, the previous fixes that worked stopped working. At the same time, there will be server issues that prompt players to find new workarounds.

Here are the new fixes after the patch 1.000.11

Most Succesful PS5 Fix for Helldivers 2 Login Limit Reached

Follow these steps to potentially bypass the Helldivers 2 server queues on PS5

1. Close the Game. If the game is currently running, close it to return to the PS5 dashboard.

2. Access Activity Cards. From the PS5 dashboard, press down on the controller to access the activity cards.

3. Find “Quick Play with Friends” or “Quick Play”. Look for activity cards that mention “Quick Play with Friends” or simply “Quick Play.”

4. Start the Activity. Click on the activity card for Quick Play. This should initiate the activity.

5. Wait for the Black Screen. After initiating the activity, you may encounter a black screen. This is normal.

6. Press Start or Allow It to Proceed. While on the black screen, press the Start button on your controller, or allow the process to play out automatically.

7. Look for the Circle in the Top Right. Keep an eye out for a circle icon appearing in the top right corner of the screen.

8. You’ll Be Brought Onto Your Ship. After the circle appears, you should be brought onto your ship within the game.

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General PS5 Fixes for “Login Limit Reached” Issue on Helldivers 2

Here are some fixes that worked for a few players.

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Consider joining one of the dedicated Helldivers Discord communities to find groups to play with.

Issues with the servers typically pertain to quick play and matchmaking, but they do not hinder joining friends.

Currently, players focus more on enjoying company than specific player attributes. However, it’s advisable to be mindful of the difficulty level when joining a team.

https://discord.com/invite/helldivers (official)



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