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12 Ways To Fix OnePlus Open No Signal or Network Problem

This guide provides tested and proven solution to fix OnePlus Open no signal or network problem.

How to Fix OnePlus Open No Signal or Network Problem

Here are the best solutions to fix OnePlus Open No Signal or Network Problem.

1. Verify Network Strength. Check the signal strength bars and compare with another device on the same network. If it’s weak everywhere, the issue likely lies with the carrier.

2. Enable and Disable Airplane Mode. Toggle Airplane mode on and off to refresh signals. Quickly access by swiping down and tapping the icon.

3. Restart Your Phone. Reboot your OnePlus Open to resolve software bugs. Press and hold the power button, then choose Restart.

4. Verify the Preferred Network Type. Ensure your preferred network type matches your available network options. If you’re set to 5G but only have 4G coverage, adjust the setting accordingly.

Navigate to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks. Select “Network Mode” and choose the appropriate type.

5. Change the Carrier. If your current carrier consistently delivers weak signals, consider exploring other options. Porting your number to a new carrier could provide a stronger and more reliable connection.

6. Reset Network Settings. This option wipes out stored network information and allows your device to re-establish a fresh connection. It’s like a digital reset for your network settings.

Access Settings > Additional Settings > Backup & Reset > Reset Phone. Choose “Reset network settings” and confirm.

7. Enable Roaming Services. Don’t forget to enable roaming services if you’re traveling outside your network’s coverage area. Otherwise, you won’t be able to connect to any available networks.

Enable roaming in Settings > Connections to ensure network access in different locations.

8. Wipe Cache Partition. Corrupted cache data can sometimes impact software performance. Wiping the cache partition can address these issues and potentially improve your signal strength.

Power off your OnePlus Open. Hold Volume Up + Power to access Wipe Cache Partition. Confirm and reboot your device.

9. Re-insert the SIM Card. Sometimes, a simple re-insertion of the SIM card can resolve connection issues. Take it out, gently clean it, and pop it back in.

10. Check Your SIM Card for Any Damage. Check your SIM card for any physical damage like cracks or scratches. A damaged SIM card can disrupt your connection. If it’s damaged, obtain a replacement.

11. Test the SIM Card on Another Phone. Test your SIM card in another phone. If it works there, your OnePlus Open might have a hardware issue. If it doesn’t work anywhere, the SIM card itself is likely the culprit.

12. Contact OnePlus Support. If none of these solutions work, reach out to the OnePlus support team. They’re experts in all things OnePlus Open and can help diagnose and fix your network woes.

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